Hot Zumba?

I don’t think Hot Zumba is a thing. Or at least after my experience at the studio today it shouldn’t be. Tonight’s workout was good but left me with a serious headache. But I’ll get to that.

Food today was good with a little splurge at the end!

Started off the day with 2 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and a cup of coffee. Pure heaven. I hope I never get tired of this breakfast combo!

For lunch I used some of the leftover chicken from dinner last night to create a chicken quesadilla. It was okay…. The flavoring on the grilled chicken wasn’t the best for the quesadilla. It made it taste a little herby and not necessarily spicy. I added a side of black beans with jalapenos and 1/2 of an avocado too. I love avocados….


Tonight was book club so we met at Whole Foods and I did a salad bar trip for my dinner. Pulled chicken, lots of fresh veggies and very little dressing. Delicious!!


After bookclub we walked down to the frozen yogurt shop and had a little cup before heading home. Mine was a neopolitan mix with a little bit of peanuts and mini M&M’s. Yum!


I had a great workout tonight at Zumba! I had a lot of energy and everything was great. Except that it’s been really warm here and the a/c didn’t get turned on early enough before class started and when it did get turned on it was only turned on for the front half of the studio. So we were sweating buckets and a few people seemed to think they were going to pass out. Even Alexis had to sit out for a song because she didn’t feel well. I hope we don’t have to experience that again. There were way too man active bodies in that studio for the air to have issues.

My totals for the day won’t upload.
I ate 1419 calories and burned 411.

Have you ever done hot yoga?


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One Response to Hot Zumba?

  1. I haven’t tried hot yoga–I’ve thought about turning the heat up in my condo and trying it 🙂 The thought of being in a crowded yoga studio full of really sweaty people doesn’t appeal to me!

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