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Family Fun Day

We schedule a lot of activities in my family – anything from Tommy holding/helping with a shooting match to Alexis having team practice to helping at church to spending the day with friends, etc.  It’s not all that often that … Continue reading

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I am so cranky…. There are literally no words for the amount of cranky that is consuming me at this exactly moment. I’m hungry which makes me want to eat which reminds me that I’m already at my limit of … Continue reading

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It’s late and I’m pooped. Down and dirty with the food tonight…. Typical breakfast this morning of two eggs and two pieces of toast lightly buttered. I also drank two cups of coffee instead of my typical one. It was … Continue reading

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Great day today with food and control. When my hormones get crazy I start getting hungry constantly and that’s where I’m at right now. I’m constantly fighting myself to stay away from the pantry… Started the day off with coffee … Continue reading

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Spent the day today touring the college that Alexis will be attending in the fall and searching for lodging for her as well! It was a busy day and we were on our feet and in the car for the … Continue reading

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Goal check: I’m making headway with my March goals and keeping on track with some days that weren’t logged 100%.  Let’s review what my goals were: 1) I am tracking my food about 80% of the time.  I’m working toward … Continue reading

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This not being employed thing is not good for my sleep schedule. I’ve got to get it under control. I’m up wicked late and sleeping in until 8:30am even though I set my alarm for 7:00am everyday. It’s just impossible … Continue reading

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