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Awesome Sunday today! Great food and lots of quality time with my daughter.  Love that combination! Stopped at Rudy’s for a couple of breakfast tacos on the way to church. Potato & egg with lots of salsa.  These are hands-down … Continue reading

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What a bummer – I thought today was the official weigh in for the DietBet challenge but I received an email saying it didn’t start until tomorrow.  So, my official weigh-in is delayed a day.  Bummer. I’ll report that in … Continue reading

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It’s been a week of not blogging and I hate that the time got away from me. This week has been emotional for me personally and that type of struggle always has me craving food – and lots of it. … Continue reading

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Today I did not feel like eating – at all.  This is extremely weird for me since typically I’m planning my next two meals as I’m eating and finishing one meal.  Today though I just couldn’t care less what I … Continue reading

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Quick and dirty tonight. Breakfast was from Starbucks again today. I ordered a spinach & egg-white wrap and when I got to the window they told me they were out. The gave me a turkey bacon sandwich instead.  It was … Continue reading

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02.03.13 – Super Bowl

Wow, today was a whirlwind! Good things happened and annoying things happened.  I always like to start with the good! I weighed in this morning for my official weigh-in for the week.  I typically step on the scale every morning … Continue reading

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I’m exhausted! I spent all day trying to forget what today was – my Mom’s birthday.  Today she would have been 64 years old. I miss you Mom. A ton. Started the day off with a great breakfast at 7:30am … Continue reading

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