Food for 4.11.13

Catching up on yesterday’s post that I didn’t get done because I was exhausted at the end of the day.

I decided as of yesterday that I’m going to try to hit the bottom of my calorie limits which means shooting for 1200 calories per day. This should help to speed things along wrt weightloss- I’m hoping.

I’m holding tight to my 2/2/1 breakfast although coffee might soon be disappearing from my diet as well. We’ll see. I just cannot drink it without cream and sugar so….

Breakfast was 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast with a cup of coffee.

Lunch was another Kashi frozen dinner but this time it was spicy black bean.


It was yummy but not near as good as the chicken that I had the day before. I also ate it without anything else which seems weird to me. I need to be making a simple salad with these. Very few calories but you feel like you are eating for a longer period of time.


For my afternoon snack I cut up a cucumber and put a tablespoon of balsamic on it and paired it with a small can of tuna. I’m a chef, y’all!! Just kidding. Im totally not a chef. I just used the word pairing. Ha!


Dinner was eggs again but honestly eggs are fantastic and cholesterol is wonderful so I’m not worried about it in the least! Breakfast tacos with bacon for dinner.


We went to Zumba for our workout. Class was fantastic and we worked up a serious sweat. Woohoo!

I went to bed kind of hungry (ok, a lot hungry) and I know that it’ll take a bit for my body to understand what I’m doing. As long as my fat and protein intake is within range I should be good to go. I hope everything levels out soon! I hate feeling hungry!


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Quick and dirty tonight.

Breakfast was eggs, toast and coffee.

For lunch I tried a new-to-me frozen dinner that my friend Amelia has recommended a few times. It’s the Kashi chicken enchilada dinner.


For 280 calories it tasted really good! There was a good amount of chicken in the enchilada and the rice had veggies in it. Yummy! For lunch I also paired it with some fruit.


Snack before my workout: unsweetened applesauce and string cheese.


Dinner was a new recipe that I found. It’s called Greek Salsa Chicken and it was absolutely divine! The whole family liked it so I guess we’ll make it a regular!


For my workout today I tried a yoga class. It’s been several years since I’ve gone to yoga. I liked it but really need to work on my upper body strength. It’s embarrassing.

Calories burned: 150

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Hot Zumba?

I don’t think Hot Zumba is a thing. Or at least after my experience at the studio today it shouldn’t be. Tonight’s workout was good but left me with a serious headache. But I’ll get to that.

Food today was good with a little splurge at the end!

Started off the day with 2 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and a cup of coffee. Pure heaven. I hope I never get tired of this breakfast combo!

For lunch I used some of the leftover chicken from dinner last night to create a chicken quesadilla. It was okay…. The flavoring on the grilled chicken wasn’t the best for the quesadilla. It made it taste a little herby and not necessarily spicy. I added a side of black beans with jalapenos and 1/2 of an avocado too. I love avocados….


Tonight was book club so we met at Whole Foods and I did a salad bar trip for my dinner. Pulled chicken, lots of fresh veggies and very little dressing. Delicious!!


After bookclub we walked down to the frozen yogurt shop and had a little cup before heading home. Mine was a neopolitan mix with a little bit of peanuts and mini M&M’s. Yum!


I had a great workout tonight at Zumba! I had a lot of energy and everything was great. Except that it’s been really warm here and the a/c didn’t get turned on early enough before class started and when it did get turned on it was only turned on for the front half of the studio. So we were sweating buckets and a few people seemed to think they were going to pass out. Even Alexis had to sit out for a song because she didn’t feel well. I hope we don’t have to experience that again. There were way too man active bodies in that studio for the air to have issues.

My totals for the day won’t upload.
I ate 1419 calories and burned 411.

Have you ever done hot yoga?

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Holy cute & weekly goals

Starting off the week strong with great food choices and decent exercise today!

This week I’m setting the following goals for myself.

1) Eat within 1200-1550 calories per day
2) Track ALL food & exercise
3) Attend Zumba 3 times
4) Try a yoga class
5) Drink at least 64oz of water each day

These are totally attainable and I’m excited to knock these out of the park!

Today I started strong and hit my calories for the day.
Breakfast was my typical 2/2/1 but it turned into a 2/2/2 when I had a second cup of coffee. Don’t judge me…


Lunch was a turkey sandwich with Swiss, lettuce and tomato with cut up cucumbers on the side with a little Newman’s Own dressing.


Tommy was off playing with a friend tonight (designing a lighting system for an event this weekend) so Ali and I had some mother/daughter time which was awesome! We went and got her a new-to-her bike. Isn’t she adorable?!


I can just see her toodling around her college town meeting a friend for coffee. So stinking cute and so very Alexis!

We got home and I walked the neighborhood twice for my workout tonight and she rode her bike. My walk was two times around the block which equals 3 miles. My Fitbit tracked my elevation changes and said I climbed 31 flights of stairs! I’ll take it!

Dinner was chicken breasts, green chile mac n cheese and asparagus. Delicious!!


I hit all of my limits for the day and feel great! So thankful for a strong start to the week today!


What are your goals for the week?

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Weekend food & fun

We had a great weekend – both with activities and food!

Saturday morning I ate my typical of breakfast of 2/2/1 (2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast and 1 cup if coffee) before heading into town for Zumba.


The Zumba class was not the best and I was really disappointed in the instructor. Our regular instructor was in Vegas for the weekend (Holla!) but I didn’t find that out until I had already used one of my credits for the class. Argh. Her music and choreography was super bad. I sludged my way through the class and burned 400 calories.

Amelia and I went to Whole Foods for lunch after the workout and I got a salad from the salad bar. Romain lettuce, spinach, turkey slices, olives, cucumbers, egg, a spoonful of potato salad and a small amount of balsamic dressing. Delicious!


We went to my favorite restaurant twice during the remainder of the weekend. I didn’t mean for it to end up that way but Tommy and I went for Saturday’s dinner and Alexis and I went for brunch after church on Sunday. Whoopsie!


Yes, I got the same plate each time (chicken fajita tacos) and yes I enjoyed it immensely! I cannot get enough of their chicken!

The three of us stopped for a fro-yo treat Saturday night. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry fro-yo with peanuts and a couple of mini-M&M’s as toppers. Oh, and one small circus animal cookie too!


Ignore Tommy’s peace sign, yo!

The weekend rounded out with a nice pb & banana smoothie courtesy of Ms. Alexis and a steak dinner tonight with roasted cauliflower & baked potato (not pictured).


It was a great weekend and I’m looking forward to a very productive week.

Weigh-in in the morning and I’ll share my goals for the next 7 days tomorrow as well!

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First ever bootcamp fitness class

I have heard forever how amazing bootcamp style classes are and I’ve always been nervous to try them. I always feel like if I do go, I’ll stand out in the class since I may not be able to do ALL of the moves like everyone else can. I never want to fall behind or have the instructor point me out because I can’t do a certain exercise. That’s mortifying. It’s happened before (during yoga – geez) and I will never forget how that made me feel. No thank you!

However, tonight I bit the bullet and gave it a shot! Wow, I wasn’t wrong at all about how hard the class was. These bootcamp classes are held at the same studio where I do Zumba several times a week so I know the instructor very well and Alexis had done it before and said it was amazing. So I figured this was a safe environment to give this a shot.

We got there and did a quick cardio stretch warmup and then immediately got into the nitty gritty.
This was our first challenge.


For 90 seconds we alternated between 10 reps of the first item listed and then 20 reps of the second item on the same line. So for the first round we did 10 push-ups and then 20 side leaps. After that 90 seconds were up we moved on to the next circuit. This was crazy hard and when we got to the thrust circuit I modified by using a bench instead of dropping all the way down to the floor. All other exercises were done without modifications.

For our next challenge our instructor came up with an obstacle course of various hops/jumps/plank walk (really?!) and then after we ran that obstacle course we would stand and do 20 of each item listed here.


So it went like this:
Obstacle course then 20 high knees.
Obstacle course then 20 verticals leaps
Obstacle course then 20 dips
Etc for 20 minutes…

Our final challenge was to stand in a small group and take turns each doing each of the exercises on the right of the squiggly line in the picture above. We would each do 1 and then we would each do 2 and on and on until we have each done 9 in a row.

By the end if class we were pooped and incredibly ready for it to be over! I don’t know why, but I let Alexis talk me into staying and going to Zumba right after this torture-fest! I don’t know how I got through both classes! I think I told her she was grounded many many times!

This bootcamp class was incredibly hard for me and I do know why I have avoided these style of classes! I have very very little upper body strength and I was hurting so bad on my second set of push-ups and I knew we still had 45 minutes left to go! In addition to beong a weakling on top, I ate a very bad lunch (calorie wise) just two hours before this class and that was a HUGE mistake on my part! I can be super dumb a lot of times. This is mearly one example…

I will definitely be attending another bootcamp class very soon! The instructor said that I did really well for my first time and she was super surprised which was really nice. She knows me from Zumba classes so she knows I’m not new to fitness – just new to this type of class. It’s intense and about 20x harder than anything that I’ve ever done before. Wow!

Here we are with big smiles on our faces after class. I guess it wasn’t that bad….


Calories burned during bootcamp: 475
Calories burned during Zumba: 445

Whew! What a day!

Are you a regular at bootcamp or do you tend to stay away like I did?

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Family Fun Day

We schedule a lot of activities in my family – anything from Tommy holding/helping with a shooting match to Alexis having team practice to helping at church to spending the day with friends, etc.  It’s not all that often that we are in town all together just relaxing and enjoying each other.  A few weekends ago when Tommy & I had our mini-staycation/marriage retreat we listed things that are important to us and making time for things like this was at the top of the list.  We were able to spend the day together yesterday and pack in some fun activities that we all enjoy.

We slept in a bit and then had breakfast in a hurry as we were rushing out the door to church. I just cannot get out of bed when we are all hanging out just talking. It’s impossible and I think moments like those are super important so why rush through them? If we miss a few songs during worship then that’s just fine…

2 pieces of whole wheat toast & crunchy pb. Coffee with cream & sugar in the raw and a 1/4 banana. 324 calories.

2 pieces of whole wheat toast & crunchy pb. Coffee with cream & sugar in the raw and a 1/4 banana. 324 calories.

After church we ran a couple of errands and then grabbed a snack at Whole Foods.  A bag of PopChips to share, a little fruit and some cheese bites. Then we were off to the range!

PopChips and cheese!

PopChips and cheese!

This flavor was new for us and we really liked it! They disappeared pretty quick.

This flavor was new for us and we really liked it! They disappeared pretty quick.

My portion of the fruit. Ha ha! Strawberries and a lone piece of pineapple.  Snack calorie total: 225

My portion of the fruit. Ha ha! Strawberries and a lone piece of pineapple. Snack calorie total: 225

We had a great time at the range.  It was pretty windy and cold and I wasn’t prepared for it with the clothes I was wearing but it was nice to be outside when it isn’t 100 degrees – which it will be pretty soon in this lovely state of mine.

Alexis blasted some targets and did really well during her practice.  I just like to stand back and take pictures – that’s what I’m good for. Oh, and cheering too loudly when she smokes them. I get looks when I do that – I guess it’s a no no on the practice course.  Rude.

Calling for the bird....

Calling for the bird….

POW! Smoked it! Yay Alexis!

POW! Smoked it! Yay Alexis!

We were ready for lunch after practice so we headed to my favorite restaurant, Matt‘s, for an early dinner.

Ya’ll, I dream about the food at Matt’s. It’s seriously my favorite place to eat right now and I always always always get the same thing – chicken fajita tacos.  The chicken fajita meat is amazing and they seem to cook it in liquid crack or something similarly addictive because if I don’t get this meal once a week it’s not a good situation.

Between the three of us we ate less than half of these chips.

Between the three of us we ate less than half of these chips.

Chicken fajita meat from the tacos, a spoonful of queso and some spanish rice.  I also had two flour tortillas, some quac and pico. Sooo good! Dinner total: 864 calories. (yikes, but so worth it)

Chicken fajita meat from the tacos, a spoonful of queso and some spanish rice. I also had two flour tortillas, some quac and pico. Sooo good! Dinner total: 864 calories. (yikes, but so worth it)

We did a little more shopping for Alexis’ new apartment. We purchased her comforter for her room and then they got the new Hobbit movie. I could tell I’d have some uninterrupted reading time tonight!

This is the bedspread she ended up with:

Picture this with colorful pillows on top (fuchsia, yellow, turquoise) to really make the room bright!

We spent the rest of the evening at home just being mellow which was wonderful.  Tommy had been talking about making popcorn from a little air pop kit for awhile and tonight he actually did it.  It was so much fun to watch him make it and it tasted way better than the microwave kind! We gathered around him and watched him make it on the stove.  We are easily entertained around here, obviously!

The kit comes with the kernels and the oil to cook it in.  You just provide the pot!

The kit comes with the kernels and the oil to cook it in. You just provide the pot

Cook it over the heat and don't forget to keep shaking.

Cook it over the heat and don’t forget to keep shaking.

Shake shake shake...shake shake shake...shake that bootie....

Shake shake shake…shake shake shake…shake that booty….

After a few minutes of popping this is what it produced! It smelled amazing too!

After a few minutes of popping this is what it produced! It smelled amazing too!

Alexis and I were making a huge deal about this and he was just like, "!hat? It's just popcorn!"

Alexis and I were making a huge deal about this and he was just like, “What? It’s just popcorn!”  We were so excited. 🙂

Get in my belly!! Snack: 60 calories

Get in my belly!! Snack: 60 calories

It was a great day and I enjoyed every minute of it.  We even had a fire tonight since it dropped below freezing.  Texas weather never knows what it’s doing until April when it starts trying to melt my face off.

Here’s looking forward to a great week filled with healthy eats, burned fat and maybe a job offer? Cross your fingies!

Totals for the day were right on point even with my little splurge at Matt's.  Yeah!

Totals for the day were right on point even with my little splurge at Matt’s. Yeah!









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