I am so cranky….
There are literally no words for the amount of cranky that is consuming me at this exactly moment.

I’m hungry which makes me want to eat which reminds me that I’m already at my limit of food intake for the day which makes me cranky.

It’s that time (sorry for any boys that might be reading this) and I’m seriously hungry and it’s the Easter season which means that every single favorite candy that I have is littered all over the grocery store. I want it and not indulging in those makes me very cranky.

Lots of reasons to be cranky. They all have to do with food and I’m not giving in.

Breakfast this morning was my typical 2/2/1 – 2 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and 1 cup of glorious coffee.


On our way into town after working out, Alexis and I shared a banana and a Kind bar. I am terribly sorry this is blurry. I definitely didn’t have the car in motion when this picture was taken. No, honest. Did I mention I was cranky? Let’s talk about that again…


Alexis and I spent the day shopping for her new apartment that she’ll have when she goes away to college in the Fall. We are starting early to spread out the spending. Today we bought some Tupperware, fridge and pantry organizers, a frame, a basket, etc. We spent most of the day searching for a comforter set and bathroom decorations and we were successful in finding something she loves! Super fun!

We took a break during shopping for lunch – Jason’s Deli! Nothing hits the spot like a huge salad….


Yes, I eat artichoke hearts like they are meat. What of it?

No one leaves Jason’s without a little ice cream cone…. Swirl, please!


More shopping and lots of graduation party planning this afternoon. 🙂 Fun times! We stopped by Central Market for a quick dinner option and both picked up their ready-to-eat salmon meals. Mine had a salmon filet, lemon-scented basmati rice and grilled veggies. All for only 520 calories!


Our exercise for today was Zumba with one of our favorite instructors. She doesn’t teach much on Saturdays but fortunately she was filling in today so I invited Amelia out to try the studio in my little town. She had a great time and we had a killer workout!

My totals for the day:


Now, I’m going to bed before I bite someone’s head off or eat all the chocolate bars that Alexis is trying to sell…. :/

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It’s late and I’m pooped. Down and dirty with the food tonight….

Typical breakfast this morning of two eggs and two pieces of toast lightly buttered. I also drank two cups of coffee instead of my typical one. It was a rough morning….


Had a nervous stomach before an interview so I ate my snack first and then my lunch later on in the afternoon.

Snack was a small apple and one serving of cheese cubes.


After my interview I stopped for a turkey sandwich from the grocery store and a nonfat iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. I enjoyed every bite of each!



For dinner I made a taco salads which consisted of tortilla chips, refried beans, ground beef, lettuce, cheese and guac. Fantastic dinner!! It looks like a huge portion but it was all spread out on the plate to appear like I had more. Jedi mind tricks…


No workout today but we are headed to Zumba first thing in the morning!

Totals for the day….. Just a tad over my goal. Damn.



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Great day today with food and control. When my hormones get crazy I start getting hungry constantly and that’s where I’m at right now. I’m constantly fighting myself to stay away from the pantry…

Started the day off with coffee and my typical 2 eggs & toast breakfast. I really hope I never get tired of this meal…


Lunch was a bowl of black beans, brown rice, pico de gallo and 1/2 an avocado. It was really yummy except I think I’ve had the pico for too long because it upset my stomach and I’m still feeling the effects. Whoops!


For dinner I was wanting something easy but very flavorful too so I made hot Italian sandwiches with ham, salami and mozz cheese! They were great. Especially when you are liberal with the balsamic!

I made us a little Caesar salad on the side.


Alexis and I went to Zumba tonight and worked our butts off! It was a great class! I love when the music is more contemporary. Every Zumba class should play Ke$ha!
Total burn today was 469 calories during the 60 min class. Yay!


Not a horrible day but I never like to see my total calories in over 1550. Bummer. At least what I ate today was good food.
There is that….

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Spent the day today touring the college that Alexis will be attending in the fall and searching for lodging for her as well! It was a busy day and we were on our feet and in the car for the majority of the day.

For breakfast we stopped for tacos on the way out of town. I had one whole taco and shared another with Tommy.


We didnt have lunch but stopped for coffee at about 5:00 and I had a banana and half of a peanut butter and chocolate Kind bar. It held me over until dinner.


We toured around the town and viewed major landmarks and got our barrings around town which was very helpful!

We met a friend for dinner at this little Mexican restaurant that we had been to before – Los Molcajetes. Their food is pretty grubbin and we definitely were hungry!!

I had about 4 baskets of tortilla chips. No, I’m just kidding. Tommy and I split an entire basket and then I had this fantastic piece of art for dinner!


It’s basically chicken fajita cooked in this fantastic sauce and served in the adorable molcajete. Super fun! I ate about half the rice, a couple forkfuls of beans and a spoonful of the guac. I made 3 tacos.

All in all it was a good food day but the lack of food from 10:00am-6:30pm was not nice to my system. I was hurtin by the time the food came!

Totals for the day:


No official workout but we walked a ton! I wish my fitbit wasn’t dead. 😦

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Goal check:

I’m making headway with my March goals and keeping on track with some days that weren’t logged 100%.  Let’s review what my goals were:

Can't wait to nail them all!

Can’t wait to nail them all!

1) I am tracking my food about 80% of the time.  I’m working toward making it 100% and will get there! For the most part I am sticking to between 1250 and 1500 calories per day.  This is great and I can tell that my body appreciates that!
2) I’m definitely getting my cardio in every week except last week was missing a day.  I’ll make that up this week for sure!
3) I need to kick the strength in the rear.  I’ll tell you why this is lacking and hopefully ya’ll can help.  I used to do exactly what SparkPeople suggested for me but they stopped doing that now on the website and it’s more of a “customize your own”. I don’t work that well with that.  I would love any recommendations for other free websites or maybe books that can help me develop a strength program (for a beginning). I might need to ask a friend of mine to help me come up with something…I know she’ll help but don’t want to take advantage.  However, if she reads this and offers….. (Hi Ry…)
4) I am working on the water.  I know that water is for serious amazing for you and it aids so quickly with the weightloss. I need to remember when I’m at home during the day to drink drink drink! Today was good and tomorrow I’ll be in a car driving all day so I’m not sure about that but I’ll work on it!
5) Meal planning is going well! I plan every Sunday and know what we are eating for dinners each week. It helps so much and feels good to be in control. Score!

So, I have some areas where I can improve (specifically strength, water and food logging) but I am doing great overall.  Keeping my eye on the prize! I have a Dietbet that ends in 20 days and I have 4.4lbs left to lose.  Shouldn’t be a problem at all!


Food today was just okay and my workout was killer!

Breakfast was 2 eggs and 2 whole wheat pieces of toast with butter.  I didn’t take pictures because seriously, how many times do you want to see a picture of that? I’ve eaten it for breakfast every morning for weeks/months.  🙂 I also had about 1/2 cup of coffee 1 341 calories total.

For lunch I didn’t do so good. I waited too long to eat and my dear husband bought chips and french onion dip last night and left half of it here in the house with me – while I was alone. Not smart and I didn’t make a smart choice either ….. I ate some. Boo!

PB&J on whole wheat with Lay's chips & French Onion Dip. Bad lunch... 535 calories

PB&J on whole wheat with Lay’s chips & French Onion Dip. Bad lunch… 535 calories (The total calories wasn’t bad but they were empty calories and that is bad)

Made a healthy snack and enjoyed it with two large glasses of water. I think I was trying to flush the crappy chips & dip out of my system….

1 cup grapes & 1 serving cheese cubes.  182 calories.

1 cup grapes & 1 serving cheese cubes. 182 calories.

I made chicken stir fry for dinner which is always a hit around here.  It was delicious and very satisfying!

Chicken, asian mix of veggies and 1 cup brown rice.  346 calories.

Chicken, Asian mix of veggies and 1 cup brown rice. 346 calories.

For the next two weeks Alexis has to carry around this huge box of chocolate bars and try to sell them for a school fundraiser.



This is a very bad thing to have in the house but I’ve already committed to having zero candy bars for the duration of the fundraiser.  They will get zero of my dollars and zero of my available calories.  Oof! Struggles struggles, everywhere….

Zumba was fantastic tonight.  There was a group of about 10 of us (that’s large for this small studio) and the energy in there was amazing.  We had a blast and I burned some serious calories.  58 minutes of Zumba, 441 calories burned.  Yay!

My food intake totals for today:


Damn. No wonder I’m feeling like I could eat more right now…the protein is not ok for today. The fat either.  Shoot!

Tomorrow is an important day! Heading to the town where Alexis’ college is and we are looking for lodging and taking an official tour.  We are all excited! We already know where we are eating dinner…so typical for my family!

Do you plan your dinners in another town ahead of your trip? Do you stalk their menu and figure out what you are going to order? Or are we just weird food lovers?

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This not being employed thing is not good for my sleep schedule. I’ve got to get it under control. I’m up wicked late and sleeping in until 8:30am even though I set my alarm for 7:00am everyday. It’s just impossible to get up but I need to get an earlier start. Plus when I get a job it’ll be a rude awakening. Literally!

It doesn’t help that Tommy is home until almost 9 everyday. He always works a little from home before going in to bypass some of the traffic.  He needs to start kicking my butt out of bed!

Made everyone their own eggies and toast/muffins this morning. This was my creation.  Also not pictured: 1/2 cup of coffee.  Calories: 485

Made everyone their own eggies and toast/muffins this morning. This was my creation – 2 eggs, whole wheat english muffin & cup of orange juice. Also not pictured: 1/2 cup of coffee. Calories: 485

I was lucky enough to meet my friend Amelia for lunch today.  This is the girl that is responsible for getting me addicted to Zumba! I’m grateful for that! It’s completely changed the way I workout – and what I consider a good workout to be! Whew! She is also my soul sister with all things food and workout related.  I really relate to her and find that she is very easy to talk to about my struggles and my wins.  I’m so glad to have her in my life!

She works on campus so we went somewhere close for lunch and ended up at FoodHeads where they have yummy sandwiches, soups and salads.

My turkey & swiss on Nine Grain Wheat paired with a garden salad & balsamic dressing. 365 calories.

My turkey & swiss on Nine Grain Wheat paired with a garden salad & balsamic dressing. 365 calories.

I ran errands after lunch and when I finally got home it was almost 4:00pm and I hadn’t had a snack or anything since my early lunch. I was famished.  I wanted something absolutely delicious and Alexis made me a smoothie – same one as I listed yesterday.  It was absolutely fantastic but lots of calories. Argh!  I’m not big on drinking my meals but damn these are tasty!

Peanut butter and banana smoothie - 436 calories.

Peanut butter and banana smoothie – 436 calories.

Dinner was a family favorite! We make this at LEAST once a week lately. It’s definitely a favorite of all of ours!

Whole wheat pasta, sauce, chicken, mushrooms & broccoli.  336 calories

Whole wheat pasta, sauce, chicken, mushrooms & broccoli. 336 calories

For a workout today Alexis & I went to Zumba. Three days in a row of Zumba and my body is hurting! I hope that I see some results this weekend when I weigh in and measure.  I certainly am feeling some changes happening.  Wow – my hips and my calves are on fiyah!! Since it’s Spring Break there were only 4 of us in the Zumba class today.  We were all front and center and on display for the instructor.  Kind of awesome and kind of awkward.  Ha ha!

Unfortunately my calories were over today by 70 which is a huge sadness. I know that it’s because of the smoothie but at least all of my food today was good and there was no binging or bad choices made at all.  That’s a win!

Totals for today - as seen on my SparkPeople app. Great workout but bad food. Hiss.

Totals for today – as seen on my SparkPeople app. Great workout but bad food. Hiss.



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Big news around these parts! My daughter, who is a senior in high school, just got accepted into the college she has been in love with for several years.  We had a huge celebration here at the house which included a cookie cake and her favorite dinner of grilled chicken, broccoli and pasta! Good stuff!

Woohoo! Ali is going to be an Aggie!

Woohoo! Ali is going to be an Aggie!

This past weekend Tommy & I had a weekend alone which was really nice. All couples should do this at least once a year if not more if you can possibly swing it.  We had some great conversations and were able to talk about things that we can’t talk about when others are around. I treasured every single moment!

Saturday night we went and bought a whole bunch of different cheeses, some bread and some meats and made ourselves a cheeseboard for dinner. It was delicious! And, surprise surprise I even had some wine. Woah!

Absolutely delicious! We need to do this more often!

Absolutely delicious! We need to do this more often!

What a great weekend! I can’t wait to do it again! 🙂

I’m working on my March goals and keeping the momentum going even though it’s very difficult to do so after a weekend of just hanging out and eating things that I didn’t log or measure. I have to admit that it feels good to not be so in control sometimes but I know that it’s not how I want to be and it’s not how I’m going to get to my overall health & fitness goals.

This morning I was back on the wagon and moving the train down the track – as it should be. Started the day off strong with coffee and the following breakfast:

Whole grain english muffin with 1 tbsp crunchy pb and a small glass of the best oj ever invented. I thought I'd eat this banana but I didn't. 290 calories.

Whole grain english muffin with 1 tbsp crunchy pb and a small glass of the best oj ever invented. I thought I’d eat this banana but I didn’t. Not pictured: heavenly coffee. 290 calories.

Lunch was easy – and fast which was good because I was definitely feeling grumpy and not wanting to eat something healthy. But I worked through it and ended up eating this…

Amy's frozen burrito with ketchup, a handful of buffalo bleu chips and unsweetened apple sauce.  480 calories.

Amy’s frozen burrito with ketchup, a handful of buffalo bleu chips and unsweetened apple sauce. 480 calories.

Pre-workout snack: Alexis made a smoothie that I had heard about from Laura which included very easy steps! 1 cup milk, 1 frozen banana and 2tps PB2 (I used regular peanut butter since I haven’t tried PB2 yet). The smoothie was amazingly wonderful and something that I would LOVE to actually eat everyday.  So so good! Thanks Laura! Total calories for smoothie: 436. I definitely need to find some type of peanut butter alternative!

I went to make some tuna sandwiches for dinner but found out – a little late in the game – that we were out of pickles. What the?? So I begrudgingly made tuna salads. The theme for today is “Nicole is not happy with the food she’s eating.” Obvi. I get in these moods but I want a TON of credit for not caving and eating ALL THE THINGS!

Workout for today was amazeballs.  Zumba with Alexis and we had a fantastic workout. 445 calories burned in the 50 minute class.  Sweet!

Here were my totals for the day:

This makes me smile even though I'm being a Ms. Pouty Pants about the food today. All totals were within range.  Woo!

This makes me smile even though I’m being a Ms. Pouty Pants about the food today. All totals were within range. Woo!

Finally, I entered another Dietbet! I’m looking to lose 4% in 4 weeks.  These Dietbets are great motivation. I won just over $40 with the last one so I’m hoping to increase that this time. Maybe I’ll double my money.  Also, this time I’ll spend it on something that I can actually see and not just leave it in the account.  Wish me luck!

I’m looking for any and all advice/tips/tricks to survive Alexis going off to college this summer!

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