First ever bootcamp fitness class

I have heard forever how amazing bootcamp style classes are and I’ve always been nervous to try them. I always feel like if I do go, I’ll stand out in the class since I may not be able to do ALL of the moves like everyone else can. I never want to fall behind or have the instructor point me out because I can’t do a certain exercise. That’s mortifying. It’s happened before (during yoga – geez) and I will never forget how that made me feel. No thank you!

However, tonight I bit the bullet and gave it a shot! Wow, I wasn’t wrong at all about how hard the class was. These bootcamp classes are held at the same studio where I do Zumba several times a week so I know the instructor very well and Alexis had done it before and said it was amazing. So I figured this was a safe environment to give this a shot.

We got there and did a quick cardio stretch warmup and then immediately got into the nitty gritty.
This was our first challenge.


For 90 seconds we alternated between 10 reps of the first item listed and then 20 reps of the second item on the same line. So for the first round we did 10 push-ups and then 20 side leaps. After that 90 seconds were up we moved on to the next circuit. This was crazy hard and when we got to the thrust circuit I modified by using a bench instead of dropping all the way down to the floor. All other exercises were done without modifications.

For our next challenge our instructor came up with an obstacle course of various hops/jumps/plank walk (really?!) and then after we ran that obstacle course we would stand and do 20 of each item listed here.


So it went like this:
Obstacle course then 20 high knees.
Obstacle course then 20 verticals leaps
Obstacle course then 20 dips
Etc for 20 minutes…

Our final challenge was to stand in a small group and take turns each doing each of the exercises on the right of the squiggly line in the picture above. We would each do 1 and then we would each do 2 and on and on until we have each done 9 in a row.

By the end if class we were pooped and incredibly ready for it to be over! I don’t know why, but I let Alexis talk me into staying and going to Zumba right after this torture-fest! I don’t know how I got through both classes! I think I told her she was grounded many many times!

This bootcamp class was incredibly hard for me and I do know why I have avoided these style of classes! I have very very little upper body strength and I was hurting so bad on my second set of push-ups and I knew we still had 45 minutes left to go! In addition to beong a weakling on top, I ate a very bad lunch (calorie wise) just two hours before this class and that was a HUGE mistake on my part! I can be super dumb a lot of times. This is mearly one example…

I will definitely be attending another bootcamp class very soon! The instructor said that I did really well for my first time and she was super surprised which was really nice. She knows me from Zumba classes so she knows I’m not new to fitness – just new to this type of class. It’s intense and about 20x harder than anything that I’ve ever done before. Wow!

Here we are with big smiles on our faces after class. I guess it wasn’t that bad….


Calories burned during bootcamp: 475
Calories burned during Zumba: 445

Whew! What a day!

Are you a regular at bootcamp or do you tend to stay away like I did?


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