I am so cranky….
There are literally no words for the amount of cranky that is consuming me at this exactly moment.

I’m hungry which makes me want to eat which reminds me that I’m already at my limit of food intake for the day which makes me cranky.

It’s that time (sorry for any boys that might be reading this) and I’m seriously hungry and it’s the Easter season which means that every single favorite candy that I have is littered all over the grocery store. I want it and not indulging in those makes me very cranky.

Lots of reasons to be cranky. They all have to do with food and I’m not giving in.

Breakfast this morning was my typical 2/2/1 – 2 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and 1 cup of glorious coffee.


On our way into town after working out, Alexis and I shared a banana and a Kind bar. I am terribly sorry this is blurry. I definitely didn’t have the car in motion when this picture was taken. No, honest. Did I mention I was cranky? Let’s talk about that again…


Alexis and I spent the day shopping for her new apartment that she’ll have when she goes away to college in the Fall. We are starting early to spread out the spending. Today we bought some Tupperware, fridge and pantry organizers, a frame, a basket, etc. We spent most of the day searching for a comforter set and bathroom decorations and we were successful in finding something she loves! Super fun!

We took a break during shopping for lunch – Jason’s Deli! Nothing hits the spot like a huge salad….


Yes, I eat artichoke hearts like they are meat. What of it?

No one leaves Jason’s without a little ice cream cone…. Swirl, please!


More shopping and lots of graduation party planning this afternoon. 🙂 Fun times! We stopped by Central Market for a quick dinner option and both picked up their ready-to-eat salmon meals. Mine had a salmon filet, lemon-scented basmati rice and grilled veggies. All for only 520 calories!


Our exercise for today was Zumba with one of our favorite instructors. She doesn’t teach much on Saturdays but fortunately she was filling in today so I invited Amelia out to try the studio in my little town. She had a great time and we had a killer workout!

My totals for the day:


Now, I’m going to bed before I bite someone’s head off or eat all the chocolate bars that Alexis is trying to sell…. :/


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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