Great day today with food and control. When my hormones get crazy I start getting hungry constantly and that’s where I’m at right now. I’m constantly fighting myself to stay away from the pantry…

Started the day off with coffee and my typical 2 eggs & toast breakfast. I really hope I never get tired of this meal…


Lunch was a bowl of black beans, brown rice, pico de gallo and 1/2 an avocado. It was really yummy except I think I’ve had the pico for too long because it upset my stomach and I’m still feeling the effects. Whoops!


For dinner I was wanting something easy but very flavorful too so I made hot Italian sandwiches with ham, salami and mozz cheese! They were great. Especially when you are liberal with the balsamic!

I made us a little Caesar salad on the side.


Alexis and I went to Zumba tonight and worked our butts off! It was a great class! I love when the music is more contemporary. Every Zumba class should play Ke$ha!
Total burn today was 469 calories during the 60 min class. Yay!


Not a horrible day but I never like to see my total calories in over 1550. Bummer. At least what I ate today was good food.
There is that….


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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