Spent the day today touring the college that Alexis will be attending in the fall and searching for lodging for her as well! It was a busy day and we were on our feet and in the car for the majority of the day.

For breakfast we stopped for tacos on the way out of town. I had one whole taco and shared another with Tommy.


We didnt have lunch but stopped for coffee at about 5:00 and I had a banana and half of a peanut butter and chocolate Kind bar. It held me over until dinner.


We toured around the town and viewed major landmarks and got our barrings around town which was very helpful!

We met a friend for dinner at this little Mexican restaurant that we had been to before – Los Molcajetes. Their food is pretty grubbin and we definitely were hungry!!

I had about 4 baskets of tortilla chips. No, I’m just kidding. Tommy and I split an entire basket and then I had this fantastic piece of art for dinner!


It’s basically chicken fajita cooked in this fantastic sauce and served in the adorable molcajete. Super fun! I ate about half the rice, a couple forkfuls of beans and a spoonful of the guac. I made 3 tacos.

All in all it was a good food day but the lack of food from 10:00am-6:30pm was not nice to my system. I was hurtin by the time the food came!

Totals for the day:


No official workout but we walked a ton! I wish my fitbit wasn’t dead. 😦


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