Goal check:

I’m making headway with my March goals and keeping on track with some days that weren’t logged 100%.  Let’s review what my goals were:

Can't wait to nail them all!

Can’t wait to nail them all!

1) I am tracking my food about 80% of the time.  I’m working toward making it 100% and will get there! For the most part I am sticking to between 1250 and 1500 calories per day.  This is great and I can tell that my body appreciates that!
2) I’m definitely getting my cardio in every week except last week was missing a day.  I’ll make that up this week for sure!
3) I need to kick the strength in the rear.  I’ll tell you why this is lacking and hopefully ya’ll can help.  I used to do exactly what SparkPeople suggested for me but they stopped doing that now on the website and it’s more of a “customize your own”. I don’t work that well with that.  I would love any recommendations for other free websites or maybe books that can help me develop a strength program (for a beginning). I might need to ask a friend of mine to help me come up with something…I know she’ll help but don’t want to take advantage.  However, if she reads this and offers….. (Hi Ry…)
4) I am working on the water.  I know that water is for serious amazing for you and it aids so quickly with the weightloss. I need to remember when I’m at home during the day to drink drink drink! Today was good and tomorrow I’ll be in a car driving all day so I’m not sure about that but I’ll work on it!
5) Meal planning is going well! I plan every Sunday and know what we are eating for dinners each week. It helps so much and feels good to be in control. Score!

So, I have some areas where I can improve (specifically strength, water and food logging) but I am doing great overall.  Keeping my eye on the prize! I have a Dietbet that ends in 20 days and I have 4.4lbs left to lose.  Shouldn’t be a problem at all!


Food today was just okay and my workout was killer!

Breakfast was 2 eggs and 2 whole wheat pieces of toast with butter.  I didn’t take pictures because seriously, how many times do you want to see a picture of that? I’ve eaten it for breakfast every morning for weeks/months.  🙂 I also had about 1/2 cup of coffee 1 341 calories total.

For lunch I didn’t do so good. I waited too long to eat and my dear husband bought chips and french onion dip last night and left half of it here in the house with me – while I was alone. Not smart and I didn’t make a smart choice either ….. I ate some. Boo!

PB&J on whole wheat with Lay's chips & French Onion Dip. Bad lunch... 535 calories

PB&J on whole wheat with Lay’s chips & French Onion Dip. Bad lunch… 535 calories (The total calories wasn’t bad but they were empty calories and that is bad)

Made a healthy snack and enjoyed it with two large glasses of water. I think I was trying to flush the crappy chips & dip out of my system….

1 cup grapes & 1 serving cheese cubes.  182 calories.

1 cup grapes & 1 serving cheese cubes. 182 calories.

I made chicken stir fry for dinner which is always a hit around here.  It was delicious and very satisfying!

Chicken, asian mix of veggies and 1 cup brown rice.  346 calories.

Chicken, Asian mix of veggies and 1 cup brown rice. 346 calories.

For the next two weeks Alexis has to carry around this huge box of chocolate bars and try to sell them for a school fundraiser.



This is a very bad thing to have in the house but I’ve already committed to having zero candy bars for the duration of the fundraiser.  They will get zero of my dollars and zero of my available calories.  Oof! Struggles struggles, everywhere….

Zumba was fantastic tonight.  There was a group of about 10 of us (that’s large for this small studio) and the energy in there was amazing.  We had a blast and I burned some serious calories.  58 minutes of Zumba, 441 calories burned.  Yay!

My food intake totals for today:


Damn. No wonder I’m feeling like I could eat more right now…the protein is not ok for today. The fat either.  Shoot!

Tomorrow is an important day! Heading to the town where Alexis’ college is and we are looking for lodging and taking an official tour.  We are all excited! We already know where we are eating dinner…so typical for my family!

Do you plan your dinners in another town ahead of your trip? Do you stalk their menu and figure out what you are going to order? Or are we just weird food lovers?


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  1. I always look at menus ahead of time! The grapes look tasty. I can’t wait for them to really be in season.

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