I warned you yesterday about my breakfasts being the same and being boring, yes? Good!

It's a different picture, I swear!

It’s a different picture, I swear!

Eggs and toast with butter.  Water to drink. I had a cup of coffee about an hour before breakfast so that is in my calorie totals for the day too.

Can someone tell me the proper name for the way that I’m prepping my eggs? I basically break them in the pan, wait a few minutes and turn them over and then eat them after the are almost fully cooked.  Is this a fried egg? I’m not frying it IN anything – I just spray the pan with a little bit of oil first.  Anyway, that’s how I’m cooking these and I’m loving it!

I went out to do some work and picked up a package from My Fit Foods for lunch.

I could eat this daily. DAI-LY!

I could eat this daily. DAI-LY!

Their salmon has the absolute best flavoring and is cooked just perfect – every.single.time! Their rice was fantastic too and the veggies were stellar. I adore this meal I just can’t afford to spend $10 on lunch everyday.  (I hope my husband didn’t read that. Just kidding, honey – this lunch wasn’t $10. Love you!)

If I were to win the lottery or somehow have an endless amount of money I would wear brand new socks everyday and I’d eat this lunch as often as possible!

I needed to kill some time between work appointments and Zumba so I stopped at Starbucks for coffee. Mmmmmm…..my favorite go-to drink! Tall iced non-fat caramel macchiato! 140 calories and 8g of protein. I love it.

Isn't it beautiful?

Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she beautiful?

Went to Zumba and had a killer workout! I thought I was walking into a Zumba Toning class and was a little nervous since I’m sore from my weight DVD yesterday but the instructor cancelled and we had another instructor that I adore! That was a win for me! He did take it easy on the class for the most part which was good for me since I’m still learning all the Zumba steps and ins and outs. I didn’t have the awkward pausing of “what are we doing” so I was able to keep moving the entire time.

Dinner was at Whole Foods. I wanted some protein and carbs but didn’t need too many calories so I opted a little bit of everything from the salad bar.

Delicous, right?!

Delicious, right?!

Romain lettuce, spinach, croutons, red onions, mushrooms, 1 scoop of potato salad, turkey slices and balsamic vinegar. It was great and filled me up which is double great!

Wrap-Up: great food day and I wasn’t hungry at all between my meals. I had my banana and coffee about an hour before my workout and that was perfect – I was digested and didn’t urp (this is important and has been known to happen) and still had lots of energy from it.  So glad to not be starving at the end of the day like I was yesterday.

Now seriously – how am I cooking these eggs?



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One Response to 1.29.2013

  1. Laura says:

    If they are fully cooked (no runny yolk at all), then they are cooked, “over hard”.

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