So much protein was amazing for me today! I wasn’t hungry at all between meals and felt amazing all day long!

Eats for Friday, January 25th!

Eats for Friday, January 25th!

Breakfast was two eggs and two pieces of toast with a cup of coffee. I’m slowly teaching myself how to make different variations of eggs.  Up until now it’s been all scrambled all the time.  These, however, were different and absolutely amazing!

Snack today was before lunch. I picked up a strawberry/banana smoothie at the grocery store.

Lunch was chicken tacos from Chipotle. So many yummies from Chipotle. I need to eat here more often when I’m out and about and need something yummy and healthy!

Dinner was at home tonight – salmon seasoned with salt and pepper and a little bit of oil.  Some broccoli and a salad. I cut off a little bit of Alexis’ potato for myself  barely even a 1/4 of a potato.

No workout today but again my steps were okay – 7,500.

Wrap-up: Lots of protein and my levels were within all other parameters.  No workout but I have Zumba planned for tomorrow morning and my food has been great this week! I seem to be gearing up for a loss this week.  Can’t wait until weigh-in day. Did I just say that?


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