Starting the day off with coffee with a friend is the only way to go! My favorite coffee house in my little town has these great little oatmeal cups that make really good oatmeal! Pair that with a latte and you have a wonderful breakfast packed with protein!

Eats for Thursday, January 24th!

Eats for Thursday, January 24th! (Disregard that “Day 3” tag on there. I’m still learning to count.)

Lunch was a turkey sandwich on wheat with pickles instead of chips.

Snack was a handful of almonds which is wonderful!

Alexis and I went to visit a friend’s son who is in the hospital and stopped to get him a few goodies.  We picked up a few snacks for ourselves including this little package of apples, pretzels and cheese.  For 220 calories it was absolutely amazing! The best part about it though was the shape! I’m a sucker for anything Disney related!

Dinner was a bowl of tortilla soup brought home from a little Mexican restaurant in our town. It was absolutely awful and I hated every bite of it.  What a waste. I’ll never get this soup from this particular restaurant again! It was more like chicken with some water and a half of an ear of corn. Gag.

My workout for the day was Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program which incorporates 90 second walking intervals with 60 second running intervals.  After 30 minutes of that I transitioned over to the elliptical for another 30 minutes!

Wrap-up: Fantastic workout today but my food leaves a lot to be desired.  I’m ready to be home a little bit more and be able to plan and eat my meals at home.  Very frustrated with the amount of money and calories that are being spent eating out.  Did I mention I was thrilled with my workout today?







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