Remember when…

Remember when I used to post regularly?  About things that aren’t just Foodie Pen Pals? Yeah, me too. Let’s get back to that.

Life has been busy and I haven’t made blogging a priority.  I miss it and so therefore here I am.

Food has been my friend this past week and my body has thanked me by losing 3 pounds. I appreciate it and so I’m continuing to reward it by giving it good food and lots of water.  I hope I can keep this cycle going for a bit.

School is out for the summer which means that I can schedule gym time in with my daughter.  I look forward to that and it’s good for both of us.  Today was the bike for me (still dealing with these foot issues and I make sure to not do the elliptical or treadmill every time I’m at the gym – I have to break it up for the cardio) and elliptical for Alexis.  We worked up a great sweat and felt wonderful afterwards!

My favorite thing about the gym these days – the tvs! It’s cable-palooza and I’m in heaven when I’m there.  I think I’ll start working my gym time around some cable shows that I’m missing.  Do they have HBO at Planet Fitness? Me thinks no…

Some random food items that I’ve pulled off my phone from the last couple of weeks:

Tuna casserole – a staple in this family. We have it at least every other week. Lots of protein!

Quesadilla pieces, grilled veggies, black beans and salsa.

The best thing about summertime – FRUIT!

A work meeting at Summermoon & a breakfast taco! It was well deserved after the morning we had. Trust me. And in that cup there is a half Moon Latte. That’s what heaven tastes like I’m sure.

Egg scramble from Kerbey Lane with their world famous black beans. It’s the only place I want to eat out lately.

My favorite breakfasts these days: a homemade yogurt parfait.

Food – check
Workout – check
Water – check
Grocery shopping – check

It’s the start of a beautiful week!


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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One Response to Remember when…

  1. Jenni says:

    Just left you a note on your old od to see if you were still writing somewhere and then looked up your old name and found you on twitter. Glad to see you are still around. Can’t believe your daughter is now 17! Where has the time gone?? -stargazing from od

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