Easter and goals

Easter was a ton of fun this year.  It’s not typically one of my favorite holidays but I do appreciate a holiday that revolves around candy and spring time mayhem!

Just like the rest of the country we boiled eggs, colored them and then had Easter brunch – nothing too earth shattering here but what makes it oh so special is the fantastic people that I spend my days with. 🙂

For years I bought the crazy egg coloring kits that allow you to glitter, stick and melt things to the eggs.  We have found that nothing is better than straight up vinegar and the Paals coloring kit!

Pretty colors!

Tommy always, always, always makes sure that he uses the invisible crayon to write a very important phrase on one of the eggs.  He takes great care to ensure that you can read what it says without any help.

Such concentration here. He wants to make sure the letters are all very clear and recognizable!

“Tommy Rules” is his phrase of choice.  So funny this guy – I tell ya.  We all know that Mom rules.  I mean, duh. I don’t need an invisible crayon to tell you that.

Taking turns and having fun!

They had a lot of fun coloring the eggs while I prepared some appetizers for the big feast at the ranch the next day.  Luckily they didn’t mind that I made them stop mid-coloring for some pictures.

Big grin - love this face. Look at the nailpolish too - so pretty and Eastery. Is that a word?

We put together some great appetizers.  A friend on Twitter posted a pic to these awesome little deviled egg chicks and I had to make them! They were kind of a pain in the butt because none of my yolks were where they needed to be in the egg so they were kinda lopsided but I made do and the finished product came out pretty much ok if I do say so!

They got some great reactions at brunch and they were incredibly YUMMY!!

Sunday morning we went to church and had a great time there and then rushed out to the ranch afterward to have brunch and spend time with the family!  I brought all the apps so I was an important person to have at the party. Ha ha.

Caprese salad skewers, deviled chicks and spinach artichoke dip in a breadbowl with additional pita chips.

Everything was yummy and gone within about 20 minutes so that is a success! These little caprese skewers are my absolute favorite appetizer right now.  It’s so freaking easy and so good! Just take a toothpick and layer it with a mini mozzarella ball or a piece of mozzarella and then a pinch of basil leaf and a tiny cherry tomato.  Then drizzle balsamic vinegar over the top and eat it all at once.  So good and perfect for spring and summer. I anticipate we’ll be making these quite a bit more!

What is a brunch without a mimosa?!

Well, hello there gorgeous!

I found out later in the afternoon (after several glasses champagne spiked orange juice) that this beautiful champagne glass is the only remaining glass from the set that my in-laws received as a wedding present in Germany where they were married.  It is a very beautiful champagne glass and very very delicate but I had NO IDEA when I was drinking out of it that it was so very precious.

Why in the world would anyone give this glass to me? Everyone knows that I’m far from graceful! I’m a klutz! I am so glad that I didn’t know about this until the end of the afternoon because if I had known I’m sure I would have sabotaged myself in some way and it would have met its demise, I would have cried and I would be flying to Germany to find a replacement and not coming home until I had one.  Oy vey.

As soon as Tommy told me about the glass I very delicately washed it and put it away. I will make sure that my Mother-in-law never serves me in that glass again. Sheesh! She knows me better than that! 🙂

After brunch and cleaning up we stuffed all the plastic eggs with money (the kind that jingles and the kind that folds) and some candy and hid 158 eggs for my 8 year old nephew, my 17 year old nephew and my 17.5 year old daughter.

She will NEVER be too old to hunt eggs. Period.

It’s hard for me to look at this picture and tell myself that Alexis is 17 years old. I remember back when she was 3 and she was hunting eggs in front of my parents house in Missouri in her little dress and bonnet. It’s just crazy….

They had a great time hunting the eggs and counting out their loot.  They each walked away with about $20!

Ooh...someone got her with a cascarone! Wonder who it was....

We had a great time with the cascarone’s too! I took this pic of Ali and I and was thinking as I took it that I had a lot more confetti in my hair than I actually did.  Come to find out later it was all in my shirt. My skin is stained from the die in the eggs and where the confetti was.  Nothing but class here, folks.

We kind of look alike here.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing and celebrating my sister-in-laws birthday.  So much celebrating, food, sugar and laughter was had all afternoon! I hope your Easter was fun too!


This coming week will be very busy and I want to make sure that I’m making time to focus on my health and my activity level.  I’m going to list some goals here and check in daily with my progress. I find that I am much more in control of myself and I keep my mind focused when I have these small goals for the week.

1) Drink 64oz or more of water every day
2) Log 100 of my food intake into SparkPeople
3) Workout 4 days between Tuesday and Sunday
4) Try one new recipe this week (I already have this black bean soup recipe in mind)
5) Get a scale and take new/updated measurements

Very straightforward and very attainable.  I’m shooting for 100% completion rate.  Have you made any goals for this week? If so, share them with me!


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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  1. cbest75 says:

    I’m going to make your skewers tomorrow, I think! I picked up the mozzarella tonight! Yum!

    You should totally post a pic of Alexis when she was 3 in her bonnet!

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