Doggie worries & weekend getaway

My friend Allison has been planning her wedding for well over a year now and I have been looking forward to her big weekend!  She did a destination wedding in Fredericksburg, TX a little town about an hour and a half west of Austin.  It’s a gorgeous little town that has a German feel to it.  Plus, with the absolutely gorgeous weather that Texas has this time of year it was the perfect feel of the country in early Spring.

The night before we were set to head out to Fredericksburg for the wedding preparations we noticed that Ranger (our 7 year-old male dog)  was having some issues with his jowl on the right side drooping.  As we investigated some more we noticed that the entire right side of his face was drooped and he was salivating like a mad man. Tommy was doing some tests with his eyes and we found that he couldn’t see out of his eye either.  We were freaked.

Ranger, my sweetie pie. Just a little bit disheveled looking & lopsided. 😦

We called the emergency vet and ran down his list of symptoms and they said that they think that he might have either had a stroke or been bit by something that is causing him some temporary paralysis.  Since he wasn’t having any pain they recommended that we come in and see them first thing in the morning so that’s what we did.

Tommy & Ranger arriving at the vet.

When we got to the vet he still had all of the same symptoms plus we were noticing that he was very lethargic and very slow moving.  He’s always incredibly nervous at the vet and this was no exception.

Ranger being incredibly anxious waiting for the vet to call him back.

The vet told us what we already pretty much had assumed.  Ranger had a stroke. It happened on the left side of his brain and is affecting the right side of his face and his motor skills.  He’s very lethargic and slow moving because his body is still recovering from the trauma of the experience.  He said that he’s in no pain and will get back to eating as soon as he is over being so tired.

He probably won’t get the facial muscles back the way they were before the stroke and he may not be able to blink his eye. If his eye gets dry he might need eye drops but for now the inner lid is working and is allowing his eye to stay moisturized.  We’ll need to watch him and make sure that he doesn’t have another one and we are keeping him very close to us to monitor him.

My poor baby. I’m just so glad that he’s not in any pain. If he was in pain I wouldn’t be able to take it – I never want my sweet dogs to suffer.

He was exhausted. (Ignore the shoes & socks on the floor. If you hadn't seen them until you read this, forget that I mentioned it.)

We finished up with Ranger in the early part of the day and knowing that Tommy’s parents were headed right over we left our furbabies with their loving Grandparents and left for Fredericksburg for the wedding festivities. I will tell you this – if it was anyone other than Allison getting married I would not have left my dogs. I was feeling incredibly emotional and clingy to them and didn’t want to go but I knew that Tommy’s parents would be great with them. Argh. Hated it.

On our way into town we were a little early getting to the venue and we didn’t want to be uncomfortably early so we did what we always do – we scouted out a place for a caffeine fix.  We found Fredericksburg Coffee & Tea and jumped on it.  When I saw they served 100% organic coffee and teas I instantly fell in love.

Iced nonfat mocha for me, breve espresso for Tommy & a caramel frozen coffee for Alexis (not pictured)

The rehearsal was wonderful and it was good to see Allison’s family and meet some of her friends that were going to be in the wedding that I hadn’t met before.  I was doing a reading so while I needed to be there to hear when my cues were I didn’t have that much to do so I was able to sit back and just watch the fun.  It was so cool to see my friend be surrounded by her friends and see how her special day was going to go down.

After the rehearsal they had scheduled a dinner at a little restaurant called Sunset Grill which was closed for just the wedding party & special guests.  It was so adorable inside.

Wine. I was ready for wine at this point. I see it down there!

Appetizers were laid out when we arrived and the wine was already pouring.  A wonderful selection of cheeses, fruits, dips and vegetables was just what everyone was looking for.

The restaurant was set up for all of the party guests and I just loved the whole vibe and feel of the restaurant.

Adorable set up! These chairs were awesome. I definitely wanted to find one for my scrapbook room.

The menu was beautiful as well and had a great selection for you to chose from for dinner.  Allison thought of everyone – even her vegetarian and gluten free friends.  Love that girl!

So stinking cute!

Do you know what is also stinking cute? This girl….

Blurry but her cuteness can't be contained. She was obviously excited to have me take her picture. Maybe not. It's hard to tell.

The salads were served and were absolutely delicious! They had a champagne dressing which at first thought I wouldn’t enjoy since I’m not a huge champagne fan but it was wonderful.  Very good flavor and it wasn’t dripping in it – just the right amount. Plus, whenever you add feta and red onion I’m hooked.

Mixed greens salad to start.

The main course was served and for the vegetarians it was an awesome penne pasta with cream sauce.  Plenty of mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes which I love.

The chicken and pork looked good too! I talked Alexis into sharing some asparagus with me in exchange for some of my pasta.

After a speech by the Groom and a thank you to the Groom’s father for the fabulous dinner the dessert was served.  A nice creme brulee with sorbet on the side.  I think that I can honestly say that I’ve never had creme brulee before. I was surprised that I liked it, actually. It was really good and while I didn’t eat much I enjoyed the small amount that I did eat.  The sorbet, though, didn’t have a shot! Yum!

The hard top of the creme brulee was definitely the best part.

It was a wonderful evening filled with fun and good food.  We had a great time with all of their friends that we knew and some of the ones that we hadn’t met prior to this evening.  Very fun!

You're getting married tomorrow!!!



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  1. awwww. this is the third sad pet post i’ve read today 😦 my heart hurts for all of you. it’s so hard when they have trouble. thinking of you guys!

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