Resolutions Check-in

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post.  I hate that.

The good: I’ve been working to keep my food in check. Every bite I put in my mouth is mentally logged for it’s health factors.
The bad: I don’t always stop when I know that something isn’t as nutritious for me as it should be.
The ugly: I’ve gained a few pounds.

I have some changes coming up in the very new future and without being overly dramatic I’m thinking that my life will completely change within the next month.  I cannot wait. Change is good – and welcomed.

I wanted to take the opportunity now to touch base with how I’m doing on my New Years resolutions and goals:

1. Perfect a smoothie recipe – I haven’t made a smoothie yet this year.  I’m sure this will become more of an interest when the weather turns warmer.

2. Try one new recipe per month – I haven’t tried a new-to-me recipe quite yet but I brought back one of my old favorites this month.  This Broccoli and Three-cheese lasagna is heavenly! It’s helpful as well since you make it can eat off of it for several days.  Lasagna is even better after it’s been marinating for a day. I changed it up a bit by removing the half & half from the recipe and using lower fat cheeses.  It was a hit with the family!


3. Continue my shunning of fast food restaurants –I am 100% fast food free.  I’m even disenchanted with my favorite egg-white wrap from Starbucks these days. Looks like it’s back to oatmeal for me for a good while.

4. No soda or sweet tea – This has been a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Sweet tea hasn’t been a problem but I have been craving soda every now and then. Okay, daily.  The craving is particularly bad during the day and during my lunches but I’ve been successful in rising above it and I don’t plan on stopping now. I could add some time of something to my water but I’m not keen on adding any Crystal Light additives or anything else.  I do add lemon on a regular basis and that seems to help.   I’m 100% successful here.

5. Frequent the Farmer’s Market more often – I haven’t made it to the farmers market yet since my Saturdays have been booked and my grocery shopping has been limited to either weeknights or Sunday late.  It’s been a very very busy year so far. (btw, i despise weeknight grocery store visits)

6. Focus on local business and more “Farm to Table” type restaurants when looking for somewhere to dine out – We’ve been very successful with this goal.  I’ve been steering us more toward local restaurants when we are looking for somewhere to dine out.  For the most part, though we’ve been staying home.  Last night we tried The Goodnight Diner in the small town next to ours.  They use fresh farmers market ingredients and have a small, yet, wonderful menu.  We were incredibly pleased with what we had last night – we’ll definitely be back!

7. Buy bikes for the family – We need to get on this goal so that we can ride before it gets too hot outside. I don’t do anything outdoors after the temp gets over 100*. Argh.

8. Exercise as a family & keep a log – Tommy has been working on a shooting training schedule which varies from my goals so he is doing his and Alexis and I need to focus on our own workouts for now. But we will be exercising and that’s the important part here.

9. Ditch the cable – I was ALL FOR THIS and still am. My husband, however, found out that there is a shooting show starting on the NBC sports channel and he officially ixnayed the idea of ditching the cable.  We did get a blueray player though (hello, 2009!) so we can now stream Netflix through the tv and not just through the computer.

10. Make more time for my hobbies – I’m 100% successful in this goal and I forsee myself focusing alot more here.  Last night was a great example – after dinner I went home and worked on my Project Life album while Alexis watched Downton Abbey in the same room as me instead of just plopping on the couch and doing nothing.  It was incredibly productive! Last weekend I even had a scrapbooking date with a couple of friends as well. Now I just need to work the exercise into this as well.

11. Picture of the Day & Project Life – I’ve been taking a picture everyday using my iPhone. I’ve come to realize that the quality of picture doesn’t matter to me – it’s the subject.  So I’ve been taking pictures all throughout the day and I keep the best one for the day, upload it to my Project 365 app and then I’ll have all of the pictures ready and available to print and put into my Project Life album.  Love this process! I plan on doing a blog post about this process very soon.

12. Work on my relationship with God – Still working. I’m present at church on a weekly basis and I’m searching for a small group where I feel comfortable.  Baby steps.

13. Log my food and exercise every day and stay within calorie range 6 days per week – It’s been hard, as I knew it would be. I haven’t logged since January 23rd. But today I’m back to it.  Bam!

So I’m doing good on most of my goals and not so good on the others.  It’s all about progress and self-discovery.  I am definitely discovering things about myself.

I’m excited for the time when I will be able to share my life changes with everyone in an open forum.  These changes will allow me to be able to focus more on myself and give less of myself to some things and more to others.  Sorry to be vague right now, just know that it will all come out very soon and I hope you’ll be happy for me as well!


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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6 Responses to Resolutions Check-in

  1. Candi says:

    I am very happy for you! So exciting! I wish you were doing it already, actually, because I could use your services while visiting Austin! Hahahahahaha! We’ve made alternative arrangements, though.

    I noticed you haven’t been posting. I’m not good at nagging. I’m sorry, I know I said I would but I can’t. Takes so much energy for me to focus on mine I guess I’m not good at encouraging you. :-/

    I have a really yummy smoothie but is it you that hates peanut butter?

    1 banana
    1/8 cup peanut butter
    1/2 cup milk of your choice
    2 tablespoons honey

    It is so damn good.

    I have a berry one and an orange juice wheat germ one that are both tasty, but not knock your socks off. I have lots bookmarked. That’s something I’m going to do a couple times a day while pregnant to hit high amounts of fruits and veggies. That and juicing. Almost prefer that over smoothies! Those I have found a couple of yummy excellent ones.

    When I visit you, are we going out to dinner or are you making dinner? Hahaha! You’ve said you hate cooking and honestly I need to try and behave, so I see lots of Mr. Goodcents and salads in my near future. 😉

  2. Nicole2112 says:

    It’s okay that you didn’t push me to update. I’ve said several times that I needed to and you can see why I wasn’t overly excited to do so. :/

    I love love love peanut butter so that smoothie recipe sounds fantastic! I want to try different juices. Austin has several juice places that you should try. Google Daily Juice and Juiceland Austin.

    We can go out once and maybe I can make dinner for us once too? If Zal and her hubby want to come out to my house I’d be happy to host something – games, dinner, etc? I can make a healthy dinner for sure – maybe fish or something we all like.

    No Mr. Goodcents here but you’ll LOVE Thundercloud subs. The same, but different.

  3. Lydia says:

    Any routine takes time – blogging, scrapping, eating changes, whatever! I am enjoying reading about yours and being inspired to get better! I look forward to hearing about your changes!


  4. laura says:

    So proud of you and love you!

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