Week-end catch up

It’s been a busy week and a busy week-end as well.

I have some fun stuff to share and some not so fun stuff.  Let’s rip the “not so fun stuff” off like a band-aid and get it out of the way.

I haven’t been focused on food this week and exercise has taken an extreme back seat.  Hell, it might as well be holding on to the bumper that’s how far back in the back seat that it was been.  I hate the way that I’m feeling this week and I’m feeling guilty that I haven’t seen the inside of the gym (or seen a dvd. Or lifted a weight).

I know that in my heart a change has been made and whereas before when I would just say, “Oh, I didn’t workout – that’s a bummer” and mean it literally now I get really upset that I didn’t workout and I feel like something is missing.

So, even though I haven’t worked out this week and food hasn’t been as clean as it should be – I know that it it’s not a backslide – it’s just a hiccup.

With all of that said – the week wasn’t all bad. Not at all.  I did some exciting things:

I met Allison for dinner on Wednesday night.  We went to Elizabeth Street Cafe where I had Pho for the first time. The picture below is red since we were sitting outside and the heat lamps cast a red glow on everything.  No, we were not in the Red Light district in Amsterdam – unfortunately.

Cauliflower, Bok Choy & White Miso Pho with an egg added for extra protein. Delcicious!

Thursday evening I had a wonderful cup of tea that I shared on Facebook and Twitter. The picture looks awesome but the tea tastes even better than it looks! It’s an awesome variety from Stash that I was gifted from a coworker. I’m so glad it’s a part of my life now – I can’t get enough! It is definitely very welcomed on a cold evening.

A good mix of spearamint and tea. So good! Don't forget the sugar in the raw & cream, please.

Last week I bit the bullet and ordered some “call me” cards from Erin Condren (love her!). I got the exact design of my life planner and it has all of my pertinent information: email, twitter, address, web address, etc.  They arrived in a beautiful box (as all of EC’s items do) and I had to stop during “mid-unwrap” to snap a picture.

Enjoy?! Well, if you insist!

The cards are heavenly and I can’t wait to send them out. I’ve already given out a couple and it’s so much fun when people say, “Oh, wow! So cute!” I love paper and all things cute and designed like that.  I’m a dork that way.  I would share them on here but they have my address on them and, well, you know…

Alexis has a party to go to tonight and she wanted some sassy little shoes to go with her outfit.  She ended up picking some that have very tall heels and very sparkly!! I’m not sure why but I’m having a hard time with her buying her first pair of heels.  *breathe….breathe…..* Moving on…

In other “Alexis is getting older by the second” news she also took her SAT’s this morning. I’m not sure why this is affecting me so much since she’s taken her PSAT’s twice and I didn’t have a problem with that at all but this morning I got instantly sad when I watched her walk away and into the building to take the test.  Oy vey – this is going to be a rough transition I think. And it hasn’t even started yet!

After I dropped her off for her test I killed some time until my mani/pedi appointment at – where else – Starbucks. I grabbed some tea and a breakfast sandwich and caught up on some blogs that I missed this week.

The evidence of a wonderful breakfast.

I loved having a few hours to myself before I ran some errands. It was really nice to be able to sit and people watch for a little bit – just complete fade into the background.

This afternoon was awesome – I went to a bridal shower for Allison! Wee! It was very well done and absolutely beautiful.

There was a lot of food, champagne and wine. All of the makings of a wonderful party!

Veggies & sammies

The fruit was so colorful. I stayed away from that dip but I hear it was divine.

Mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I might have had one or two - but no more than two.

There was also a lot of presents – as their should be!

Don't break those ribbons! Or do....

Her Maid of Honor put on a wonderful party and everyone had a great time.
Best Wishes, again, my friend.  It’s so nice to see you happy.

The Bride-to-Be & Me. Love her....

Question: So, how was your week??


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One Response to Week-end catch up

  1. laura says:

    Lovvvvvve that tea! I drink it every morning I’m traveling somewhere! I throw it in a travel mug and go.

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