Oat Cakes are my crack

I have a new addiction.

I have been introduced to a product and I am completely addicted. I love it, I think about it all the time and the worst part is that I can’t just go to the store and buy this item – I have to order it from the NE part of the country.

I recommend you stop reading this post if you don’t want to be addicted too.

Still reading, huh? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because I did.

Last month during my Foodie Pen Pal swap I received these tasty Oat Cakes from Badger Girl.

They are amazing. Absolutely amazing. I can't put it into words.

At first I was kind of skeptical because they didn’t look like they would be THIS good but one taste and Alexis and I were in love! They are fabulous little cracker-like biscuits.  They are sort of sweet and 100% yummy.

I went to the grocery stores and even the specialty food stores around our area but didn’t find any so I finally gave up and ordered a box.  The price is kind of crazy and the shipping is even more ridiculous. I hate that but I suffered through it because these are so good.

So, I’ve been savoring them and eating one at night and really enjoying them. I don’t want them to go away because then I’ll have to suffer through that shipping cost again. Boo!

You should definitely order some for yourself. Trust me you’ll love them. And if you don’t then I know where you can dump ’em. 🙂


Food today was not stellar. I’ll share that with you now.
I didn’t plan ahead and I was left without lunch plans. The day was incredibly busy like it typically is and due to my lack of planning I ended up with something bad for me and not nourishing. I instantly regretting my decision.

Breakast was the standard oatmeal and banana.

It might be standard but it's still hits the spot.

Lunch was not as nutritious. A veggie sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Cheese, lettuce, tomato, sprouts & avocado.  I didn’t indicate a bread choice so they served it on white bread. Big mistake for my picky stomach. I don’t do white bread so well these days.

Don't forget the handful of chips. Argh.

Little known fact about me: every afternoon at 3:00pm I crave a cup of tea.
Today I paired it with a package of Effie’s Oatcakes.  Have you heard of these?  You should try some.

I drink tea like an Englishman - one sugar & one drop of cream. I'll fit right in over there.

Dinner was a quick throw together of salad and spaghetti.  We aren’t very adventurous with our dinners when we cook at home – obvi.

I used better sauce than I did last week. It was fab!

Tomorrow is Friday and I am so ready! I’m working on my goals for next week as well – cardio & weights will be front and center.

Question: What are your goals for the weekend & next week?



About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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2 Responses to Oat Cakes are my crack

  1. intrigued by those oat cakes for sure!

  2. So glad you love the Oat Cakes! They are just the perfect balance of sweet and not so sweet. I can’t get enough either. So good with tea. Or fruit. Or alone. Or Nutella. 🙂
    For any Madisonians reading, you can find them at Brennan’s and Orange Tree Imports. 🙂
    Goals: I have a TON of recipe testing for the cookbook this weekend and early next week. Caesar salad, pasta, chocolate custard, porcini soup. I am a little overwhelmed but one recipe at a time, right? And lots of people to help me eat it. And yes, definitely working out every day.

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