Fun fun fun!

When the weekend is off to a wonderful start you can’t help but smile from ear to ear.

So far this weekend I’ve had copious amounts of coffee, lots of blogging time (reading and now writing), time with a good friend and good tv.  What else could a girl want?  How about a last minute call for hang out time from your friend?  Yes please!

Allison called and we chatted a bit after her trail run and she says, “I wish we could just hang out and have lunch and surf blogs for awhile” and since I had the afternoon to myself I said, “Let’s do it!” Tommy was at the ranch shooting for the day and Alexis was at the mall with her friend. I was free! I love having that flexibility in my weekend sometimes. It’s perfect for impromptu get together like this!

We met at Bouldin Creek again (like we did last weekend) and had an awesome afternoon.

We drank coffee:

Mocha with dark chocolate for me. Yum!

And had a great lunch!

Amazing veggie burger with tortilla chips and salsa. I ate the whole burger but only a few of the chips.

Fortunately the waitstaff was incredibly friendly this time and didn’t mind us hanging out after we ate and messing around on our computers. we had fun looking at blogs, various websites and just catching up. Good times.

If only I would have gotten more laundry done today.  There’s always tomorrow for that, right?


I skipped over my food yesterday but need to log them for prosperity sake.

Breakfast: Cliff bar & coffee

Lunch was a caprese sandwich, an apple & pretzels at a company lunch event.  I want HUGE props here for forgoing the chocolate cupcake that was in my box lunch.

Please. Anyone?

That was painful to do but luckily someone else at the table was happy to take it from me.

Snack: triscuits and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese when I got home.

Dinner: balsamic vinegar marinated salmon with green onions and garlic. Cauliflower from the farm basket this week & a baked potato with pico de gallo. Delicious!

Today has been a good food day as well.  Alexis was up and off to shop with her friend at the mall today so I made us some eggs with pico for breakfast.

2 eggs & 1/2 of a whole wheat english muffin with butter.

Then dinner was a small amount of leftovers from dinner last night.  A 1/2 filet of salmon & a bunch of cauliflower.  I need more of this in my life.  PDQ!

I need different plates so these pictures will be more entertaining.

In other news:  I’m having a little issue with SparkPeople right now. This might not be a huge thing to some people but it really has my feathers ruffled.  Within the calorie log they have begun to insert the servings of their advertisers that are selling food or beverages.

For example this is a view of tomorrow’s log.  You can see that I haven’t entered any food yet but still under the snack category there is already juice entered. Welch’s is one of the sponsors of the website right now so they are trying to get you to see how this would be reflected in your totals.  However, I’m not interested in their juice. Period.  So, in order for it not to be included in my daily calorie total for the day I have to go in and delete it every day.  I don’t know why, but this has me extremely ticked off.

Why why why are they doing this? It's annoying as all get out!

I fully realize and respect the fact that this website is free.  I get it. They need to make money just like anyone else does but I have purchased the cookbook, the Spark Book and copious amounts of tupperware and other swag from the store. I even make sure that I click through to their advertisers every now and then.  But for them to do this just seems so invasive.

I’ve thought about just going to my paper planner to keep track of exercise and calories but I really love having this data to look at over time.  I just wish they wouldn’t mess with the items that are within my calorie tracker!! Argh!

Please change this ASAP, Sparkpeople.


SparkPeople log for today


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5 Responses to Fun fun fun!

  1. Impromptu brunch & hang out was awesome! Perfect way to start the weekend 🙂 Did Sparkpeople respond to your tweet? This type of advertising is NOT ok. I hope they fix it soon. Kudos for skipping the chocolate cupcake yesterday! Considering the hell you were in all day – you get TRIPLE props for that one!!! Way to go miss thang!

    • Nicole2112 says:

      SparkPeople has not responded to my tweet but I really hope that they do. They might be able to fix it right away but I want to make sure that they know I don’t like it.

      Thank you for the triple props for snubbing the cupcake. I wanted to eat all 10 of them at the table but refused. Holla!!

      Thanks again for the invite. It was fun!!!

  2. Candi says:

    Amazing that you skipped a cupcake! Hooray!!!! You rock! Not sure I could have. Cupcakes are a weakness!

    We went to Chili’s last night and I had a 6 oz steak & broccoli. I gave up the mashed potatoes an garlic bread, my two favorite things from that dish.

    I’m sorry about Spark People’s new ad efforts. That is seriously sneaky and lame. Send them direct feedback and maybe they’ll get enough uproar from users that they’ll stop?

    MyFitnessPal is good for tracking cals. So is LoseIt. Which I don’t use anymore except to track my weight.

    • Nicole2112 says:

      Cupcakes are absolutely amazing pieces of art. I want one in my hand all hours of the day -which is my problem. I hate that I’m so weak. I had to get it out of my eyesight as soon as possible without even thinking twice about it.

      No mashed potatoes or garlic bread for your dinner? That is awesome, Candi! We are some strong women….

      I think that if I get continuously irritated at SparkPeople that I’ll start tracking my food calories & exercise in my paper journal. Maybe it would be better for me anyway to be more conscious about the calorie #’s of things when I am putting meals together.

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