Ruthless Monday

There are some days when I count down the minutes to my next snack or meal and then there are days like today when I don’t think about eating until lunch has passed my by – by a couple of hours.

I completely spaced breakfast all together today. I slept through my alarm to go to the gym (correction: I woke up 5 minutes before it was set to go off and I reset it for 30 minutes later. I suck) and so I sipped my coffee on my way to work.  Because of that I wasn’t hungry until my 9:00am meeting started.  About half way through the meeting I opened up the banana that I had brought with me but it was rotten in the middle and completely grossed me out.

Meetings were over at about 11 and I got caught up on work and by the time I thought about heating up my lunch it was after 1.  Whoops.

Lunch today was leftovers from dinner the other night – mahi mahi and oven roasted vegetables.

Doesn't look like much but the protein filled me up for the rest of the afternoon!

I was ready for a snack at about 4 (2 hours before I head home) and found some Pop Chips.  Parmesan is my favorite!

Perfect for just a couple of bites. Love these! (Source)

It was raining just a little bit this afternoon but thankfully traffic wasn’t as bad as it typically is when the streets are a little bit wet.

Dinner tonight was Oven baked Italian Sandwiches with Cesar Salad.  This is currently Alexis’ favorite so we are having it about once a week.

Delicious and so easy to prepare. Two very important qualities in a weeknight dinner.


In other news – I have found a new beer that Tommy loves. His favorite brewery is Sierra Nevada from Northern California.  Tommy loves this beer so much we even visited it on our honeymoon.  He’s so lucky to have me for a wife, eh? 🙂

Sierra Nevada released a new beer called Ruthless Rye and I picked up a 6 pack for him.  Apparently it’s fantastic because he raved on and on about it. I love when I pick up something and it’s a home run.  I do have to admit though that picking up anything from Sierra Nevada is guaranteed a winner.  They kind of make it easy.

Ruthless Rye

Now I’m about ready to drop and go to bed.  Tommy & Alexis are hoping to watch a show or two – we’ll see if I can hang in there.

SparkPeople Log for today


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One Response to Ruthless Monday

  1. laura says:

    Ill have to ask Matt if he’s had this beer. He’s obsessed with trying new beers!

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