TGIF and Goals for the weekend

Sometimes Friday comes and you still have some energy left in you – a little bit more to give.  Then there are other weeks, like the one that I’ve had this week, where you are completely just 100% wiped out. If today wouldn’t have been Friday then I would have called it my Friday and been done with it for the week.

I have some great plans for the weekend and I’m pumped to get it started. Up on the agenda:

  • Mellow Friday night in with the family
  • Saturday morning cardio workout
  • Coffee date/gift exchange with the bestie
  • De-Christmasfy the house
  • Sunday pre-church workout with Alexis
  • Romantic dinner with the hubby

How awesome does that sound?  I’ll also get some reading and scrapbooking in there somewhere I’m sure.

Knowing what the day had in store I tweeted the following earlier this morning:

I was prepared for the day ahead - and good thing too.

I had brought my breakfast but didn’t bring my lunch. I was just hoping that I’d have a chance to pick some up. Fortunately – I made the time.


Day two of whole wheat english muffin and crunchy peanut butter. Don't forget the coffee!

I ran out and grabbed a little Lunch:

Soup & Salad from Whole Foods

Potato cheese soup. Just a laddle was enough.

Mixture of salads: dill pasta salad, chickpea tuna salad and romain lettuce with beets, carrots and balsamic dressing.

Great tea with a good message.

I bought a box of these TLC granola bars a few weeks ago and didn’t like them at first but this week they are really hitting the spot.  The chocolate on top isn’t the best but it’s pretty filling.

Not too shabby - you should try one for yourself!

Dinner tonight was a Mahi Mahi recipe that I found online. I knew that I wanted to make the fish with some balsamic vinegar and worcestershire sauce. I found a great recipe online with those ingredients and some garlic. Yum!

The fish was wonderful and came out very juicy even though I didn’t get to marinate it in the sauce for more than 10 minutes. I just poured the sauce on top and allowed it to cook in it and it was awesome. The family had lots of compliments!

I paired the fish with some grilled vegetables. I make these vegetables all the time!

Beautiful, beautiful veggies! A little more 'shrooms than normal but that's ok by me!

Ali loves them! She could "live on them" to hear her tell it.

Put all of this together and this is what you get:

Mahi Mahi and grilled vegetables

I’m ready to start the weekend! What’s on your agenda?? calorie log


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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4 Responses to TGIF and Goals for the weekend

  1. Kira Wood says:

    Those veggies look awesomeeee, and that salad? Beeee-utiful! I can’t get enough soup and salad… loves. Your Whole Foods trip reminded me of my fave snack that I haven’t had in a looong time: Sweet Mochi Rice Cakes with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter. MMM! Try it!

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  3. laura says:

    Alexis is soooooo cute with those vegetables!

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