Castle Doctrine

I’ve talked several times on my blog about my favorite morning show – The Bobby Bones Show. They are syndicated in several cities across the US but they started here in Austin. They are hilarious and I don’t ever miss a day. The parts that I miss I always catch on I Heart Radio (iPhone app) where they replay the show throughout the day. I think everyone in every city should give it a listen!

This morning they were talking about the Castle Doctrine law and how it’s been in the news lately. If you are unfamiliar with the law it says that you have the legal right to defend yourself, with lethal force if necessary, if someone is breaking into your home. Not all states have this law but Texas does.

They played a news clip of the story of the Oklahoma woman who killed a home intruder on New Years Eve. Her 911 call was chilling and it was so sad that she had to do what she did. Also, she said in the story that her husband had just passed away 6 days before (Christmas Eve) from cancer and she had a young baby at home that she was protecting as well. Wow, so sad.

They also played another 911 call of a teenage boy who killed an intruder when he was home alone with his sister. Such scary scenarios. I feel for the people that had to take that type of action to protect themselves from being hurt but I know that I am thankful to live in a state that recognizes that if push comes to shove I will protect myself – and my family.

Does your state support the Castle Doctrine law?


Food today was good. I was well prepared with my meal planning which is rockin’.

Started the day with coffee. Of course.


Breakfast was yummy – I love peanut butter and bananas but never in the same bite!

And water - lots of water...

Lunch was a couple of containers of spaghetti and salad. This is one of my favorite lunches AND dinners. I love spaghetti!

Does this look yummy to you?

Salad with 4 large mushrooms and a tomato - with Annie

Whole wheat pasta with Newman

It took me about an hour to eat my lunch today since I was constantly being interrupted by phone calls and visitors. I guess it’s good to eat slowly, huh?

It was a long afternoon and I was happy for a little pick me up that I found peeking at me in the back of the fridge when I was packing my lunch. I don’t know how I had missed it but I don’t remember buying these for a few weeks at least.

It certainly gave me a boost of energy that I needed at the end of the day.

For dinner we had a surprise invitation from some of our friends. They texted me on my way home and asked if we would like to hook up at our little local mexican restaurant. We are always up for a meet-up like that – especially on a Thursday night. Thursday nights just seem like the night to go out. 🙂

I had my “go to” healthy mexican meal of black beans and guac tacos.

These are my favorite mexican dinner right now. Healthy and practical.

I'll take it! Boom!

My hubby is feeling sick so I’m off to go have some time with him and try to make him feel better. Poor guy – these stupid allergies really do get the best of us around this time of year.


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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2 Responses to Castle Doctrine

  1. Haley says:

    Hey Nicole, it’s Haley (your foodiepenpal! :-)) , I love reading your blog- I was wondering where those cool nutrition calculator type things at then ends of your posts come from!?

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