NYE and 2012 Goals

It’s a new year! That means a chance to start over and begin anew.  I welcome the beginning of a new year. I believe everyone should be given a fresh start.

We rang in the New Year at the ranch with my in-laws.  It was a wonderful time and we all had a blast.  We were told to bring the entertainment so we did! Games and fireworks!

We can play for hours!

I enjoy fireworks when my husband isn't setting them off. I worry too much.

My mother-in-law put out quite a spread and kept bringing out more food as the night went on.  I definitely focused more on the fruit and veggies than the various other delicious foods that were out.  I did have to have a little bit of queso about 11pm.  But other than that I was a very good girl.

Tommy's face in this picture kills me. And so does Ali's big ol grin.

Lots of meat choices but she had plenty of veggies for me.

We ate for a good while, played Yahtzee and Pictionary and then set off the small amount of fireworks that we bought.  Those suckers are expensive! Luckily no mishaps occured and I was able to take some pics of Tommy & Ali with the sparklers.  🙂

Looking forward to another year with this handsome face.

Blurry but the smile and shoulder shrug makes me grin.

This one is more clear. Still adorable!

At midnight we watched the local news do their version of a ball drop/countdown. I would have much rather have watched Anderson Cooper (when wouldn’t I, really?) and Kathy Griffin but having the local events on was nice. I had no idea that San Antonio did such an elaborate New Years Eve celebration downtown.  I was shocked!

We rang in the New Year, smooches all around and toasted the year ahead. We went to bed pretty quickly after – we are light weights apparently.

Looking ahead to 2012

I’ve spent alot of time over the past week thinking about my goals for 2012 and I’ve written up some pretty good ones.  These are all goals that I know that I can achieve and goals that I feel are important to me and to my family.

Like I said in yesterdays post I would love for you all to keep me accountable. If I’m not logging my food and posting it here, if I’m not updating about my workouts or my other goals I would love for you to hold me accountable.  I am excited to push myself and watch the transformation this year.

Without further adieu – my goals for 2012:

1. Perfect a smoothie recipe – find a smoothie recipe that is healthy and delicious! I’ve tried many different recipes but haven’t found just the right one or made any of the ones that I’ve tried taste good. It’s got to taste good….

2. Try one new recipe per month – I’d like to branch out from the typical meals that I make and try something new.  I’m looking forward to this one!

3. Continue my shunning of fast food restaurants – during 2011 I didn’t go to any fast food restaurants (with the exception of my trip to CA – that visit was pre-approved). I want to keep this going since I have obviously found out that there is no need for them in my diet.

4. No soda or sweet tea – There is no reason for me to drink sodas. They are not good for you and are filled with chemicals and sweeteners. This will be hard. I love having Dr. Pepper with my pizza or Sprite when I go out to eat.  Tea with Sugar In The Raw is okay but I won’t be ordering “sweet tea” at a restaurant anymore. Oy.

5. Frequent the Farmer’s Market more often – I go to the farmer’s market about every other month right now but I would like to make it a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence.  Purchasing vegetables that are in season and the meat from the farmers market is a number one priority.  I want to do this on a more regular basis. We have like 5 of them within a 30 mile radius – this shouldn’t be a problem.

6. Focus on local business and more “Farm to Table” type restaurants when looking for somewhere to dine out – My friend Allison is a big inspiration for this one.  🙂

7. Buy bikes for the family – As a family we would like ways to be more active together. Alexis has been asking for bikes for us for awhile and this is the year that we are going to do it! We’ll scout out some trails and go for some rides.

8. Exercise as a family & keep a log – 30 Day Shred, walks, hikes and biking are some ideas of ways for us to be active together.

9. Ditch the cable – We are already in talks to ditch our cable tv.  Not having shows on our dvr will encourage us to walk more in the evenings and spend time being active.  Hopefully using those bikes that I listed above.

10. Make more time for my hobbies – I love to read, scrapbook and blog. I will make it a point to make these a priority in 2012. My hobbies make me happy and I want to keep myself energized, happy and crafty.

11. Picture of the Day & Project Life – Last year I did Project Life for a quarter of the year.  It was fun and I really enjoyed the process! The premise is that you take a picture a day and scrapbook it with a quick blurb about what you are doing in the picture and how that relates to your day.  I’ve purchased the 2012 kit and will continue the process throughout this year.  I will also post a picture of the page I create for the week and share it on my blog!

12. Work on my relationship with God – this is pretty personal and I won’t get into alot of it here in the blog probably.  I’ve had a very tattered relationship with God over the past 11 years (or more) and I’m working on that.  I’ve found a great new church where I really feel comfortable and I’m slowly working on making that better.

13. Log my food and exercise every day and stay within calorie range 6 days per week – This is going to be hard. Like, really hard.  I’m going to try my absolute best.  I will be honest on my blog on the good and bad days. It’s going to be hard.

I follow a guy on Twitter who is the personal trainer of the radio personality that I’m so completely in love with. He gives fantastic workout and nutrition advice and awhile back I favorited a tweet of his that sums it all up nicely:


I’m very much looking forward to this year and all that it holds in store.  Happy 2012, y’all!


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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9 Responses to NYE and 2012 Goals

  1. Candi says:

    I love it that we still have so much in common. I’m cutting out soda right now too. Day 4! No biggie, though I still miss it and am okay with tea. We did the bike thing a couple years ago! It’s so much fun. But harder than I thought hauling Jack, so I can’t go far. 5-7 miles.

    I try new recipes ALL the time, and would love to share good ones but of course I eat chicken like 6x a week. Have you tried my veg chipotle burritos?! They are soooo yum.

    I will rides old you accountable but you’ll wish you didn’t say that. You’ll just get annoyed when you fall off the wagon. Hahahaha.

    PS, if you respond to me over here will you tweet me? I never get back to check responses.

  2. Laura says:

    Looks like y’all had such a nice nye! I’m so glad! There’s nothing better than board games!

    The new spark people cookbook has some smoothie recipes and has a mix and match smoohie recipe list where you can make your own concotions.

    And, I love the goal to eat at more local restaurants!!!

  3. Sorry for my delayed comment here! I’m catching up on reading. I love game nights! And I really admire your no cable goal for 2012. That is one I would not be able to do. Farmer’s market shopping is my favorite. I go more crazy there than in the grocery store.
    I recently found a smoothie I love. New Sunwarrior Chocolate Blend with 1/4 frozen banana, 1/2c frozen berry blend, 1 c usv almond milk, and 1 packet of amazing grass. I like to crumble 1/2 a healthy muffin or cereal in it and eat it out of bowl.

    • Nicole2112 says:

      Delayed comments are awesome! 🙂
      I’m going to try that recipe and also try eating it out of a bowl. Meghann from Meals and Miles does that too – such a great idea!! Thanks!!

  4. Kira Wood says:

    What’s the smoothie dealio? What kinds have you tried? Is it purely a taste thing, or texture too? There’s a website out there with thousands (or maybe just hundreds) of ideas, I’ll find it and tweet it to ya. First rule: NO ICE. We do spinach and frozen bananas as the base, then Skye gets to pic whatever fruits or veggies go in. I’d love it if one time our green smoothies actually turned out GREEN. Ya feel me?

    And I FLOVE that you’re getting bikes! You have NO idea how happy this makes me! 😀 I always feel bad for my poor tires having to roll with my weight 😦 But it’s a lot of fun! Remind me to tell you the story of the time I decided to be adventurous and ride around the lake, only to get 1/4 of the way around and have to call Eddie to come pick me up where I stood, hahaha. Oh wait, I guess that’s the whole story.

    • Nicole2112 says:

      Oh my gosh – you kill me. Seriously! Love the bike story!

      As for the smoothies – I just cannot make a smoothie that is the right consistency. I can’t make a pancake and I can’t make a smoothie – yet. I will though – mark my words!

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