White elephant

The best thing about working during the holidays is the holiday gift exchange at work.  Today was our department get together and present exchange.  So much fun!! We all brought some yummy food and a gift and got together for a little bit and hung out as a group.

I thought long and hard about the right kind of gift to take for this group of girls and I wanted it to be something that would be liked and hopefully stolen in several rounds of the white elephant gift exchange.  I think I did a good job!

Mysterious but welcoming...

I went with the regular shaped box that would hopefully garner some interest.  It was a little heavy too so that added to the mysteriousness of it. The person that picked up was pretty happy with the contents. I brought the complete Hunger Games trilogy! I think it’s a hot item this Christmas – the book store was selling out of them left and right.

It was stolen a couple of times and ended up with my boss so I guess that was a successful idea!

I opened a gift certificate to a day spa but that was stolen pretty quickly and I was able to snag this handmade necklace and bracelet set away from someone.  I immediately thought of Alexis when I saw it.

Spring time colors but absolutely gorgeous!

I brought it home and gave it to her and she was pretty thrilled with it.  The creator of this set is starting her own business of selling them. They are very well made and the design is super adorable!

The rest of the day was pretty quick.  Apparently I was pretty stressed out because I pulled off all of the shellac on my finger nails throughout the day.

Half there - half gone.

I’m so pumped for the weekend. On the horizon for the next couple of days:

  • Dinner with friends tomorrow night
  • Beauty and the Beast after dinner
  • Mani/pedis with Alexis
  • Meeting at the new church location Sunday morning
  • Making a defined food menu for next week and sticking to it – no alterations.
  • Relaxing and some serious family time

Off to bed and ready to start my weekend tomorrow!


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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