Moo cow

So much traffic from yesterday’s post. Thanks everyone! I hope some of you will come back and hang out for awhile.

The rain continues to fall in Austin and the surrounding areas. It’s amazing and I’m loving every drop of it.  The mornings are still dark and overcast and while to some it is depressing and repressive – to me it’s wonderful!

As I was leaving for work this morning I saw something in the road but couldn’t make out quite what is was. I thought perhaps it was someone walking in the road in dark clothes but when I came upon it closer I saw that it wasn’t a person at all.  It was 10 cows!


We live on two acres on a dead end street in a tiny subdivision that is surrounded on all sides by other acreage that is much larger than ours.  The people around us have anywhere between 10 to 25 acres and some of them have livestock. It looks like one of the tracks of land that backs up to our subdivision has a fence that has broken down and is allowing the cows to escape.  This happened last week as well but animal control came out and found the owner of the cows and took them back to their home. Unfortunately it looks like it has happened again and the cows are back on the loose!

I am kind of afraid of cows. Not because I think they are mean or can hurt me, necessarily (yes I do), but rather because they are SO big and I think that they will charge at me for no reason.  I was basically taking my life into my hands by rolling down the window to snap a picture for you dear people.  One of the smaller cows started walking toward the car when I was sitting there taking the picture.  I just knew that he wanted to take a nibble of my skin.  Eep!

Tommy said the cows weren’t there by the time that he drove Alexis to school about an hour later.  I guess they had moved on to try to find some food somewhere.  They better stay out of my front yard this time.  No more cow patties, please! Sheesh. So rude.

Got to work and had a nice warm breakfast.  Oatmeal and coffee that I brought from home in my thermos that makes me smile every time I look at it.

My "coffee bowl" and oatmeal.

I have had the cup on the left for several years.  It’s my absolute favorite coffee cup! It’s pretty big and holds alot of coffee.  At a previous job that I had my boss always referred to it as my “coffee bowl”. That always ticked me off then but now I guess it makes me laugh.  I do love me some coffee.

My oatmeal this morning looks a little bit soupy but that’s just because I took this picture before the hot water really cooked the oats.  I stole this mug from the company kitchen. I sure do like it though!

Have you seen my thermos? Did I share it when I bought it? I got it a few weeks ago at Target so that I could use my Keurig at home and save the coffee until I actually got to work.  It’s been working awesome! This morning in the thermos was Wolfgang Puck’s Breakfast in Bed coffee. Delicous!

Doesn't it make you smile? (Can you see me taking the picture in the reflection?)

I got invited to lunch with a couple of coworkers today so I don’t have a picture of my actual lunch.  I’m still not 100% comfortable with taking pictures of my food around people that I’m not that up front with.  We went to BJ’s and I had the lunch portion of the salad with flatbread margherita pizza.  It was pretty good and only 525 calories.  Bam.

It was an incredibly long afternoon.  We are having our department Christmas gift exchange tomorrow and I had to stop by (last minute – nice Nicole) and pick up my gift to give.  I hope that someone actually wants it and it ends up being stolen 6 times before it ends up with it’s owner.  I’ll share with you tomorrow what it is.  🙂 That reminds me – I still need to go and wrap it.  Yikes.

Dinner tonight was salmon & veggies.  Tommy & Alexis have seriously been picking up the slack where house chores are concerned.  I hate that I’m away from the house so much.  They cooked up the grub and it was ready pretty much when I walked in the door at 8:30.  Scrumptious! I’m so thankful for them…

Salmon and oven roasted veggies - potatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and squash

I’m exhausted and ready to drop. Still have some things to do around the house before I can take my tired booty to bed. I’ll be out in two seconds after my head hits the pillow.


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  1. Candi says:

    I love the segue from cow patties to a nice warm breakfast! LMFAO!

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