Hit Refresh

There are some times when you need to hit the refresh button. Stars align and things don’t feel just right and you need to take a step back and reevaluate your goals and your direction.

>>> I’m doing that right now. <<<

Prior to this week I've taken some time away from calorie counting and weighing/measuring and tried to clear my head and remember what my focus is during this mission. It's not handy dandy gadgets, or calorie counting websites that never do get synch just right. Rather, it's with the amount of healthy food vs non healthy food that I put in mybody and the activity that is being done on a regular basis. So I'm taking it back to basics with my goals this week and I'm ready to tackle some of these self-imposed obstacles that I seem to be putting up for myself.

A little catch up on what I've done this week:

A few friends and I had our 3rd Annual Happy Holidays Happy Hour at a local restaurant on Thursday night. We always do an ornament exchange and have drinks and dinner – it was awesome. I love those people. They are definitely awesome! One of my friends recently had a baby and she brought her along to show us. Nothing cuter than a little baby girl!

I was under the weather earlier this week but luckily felt much better by the time the weekend came. Good thing too because I had the rest of my Christmas shopping to do, brunches to share with friends and my baby girl and a church play to see.

It was a great weekend! The highlight was definitely brunch with Alexis today. We went to Olivia which is a restaurant that is an absolute favorite of my friend Allison. She has taken me there on more than one occasion and I’ve been dying to get Alexis there as well – today was finally our day. We had gone to a church Christmas play that one of her friends was in (it was incredible by the way – I cried a few times. *shhh!*) and we needed some fuel before we hit the crowds at the maul.

We got a seat in the bar without a wait which was wonderful. We weren’t picky! We ordered some toast and then a couple of plates with eggs. I substituted my bacon/sausage for a salad and was rewarded handsomely with a beautiful salad. Alexis really wanted a pancake so we ordered one which turned out to be the best idea of the day. The pancake was divine and the whipped cream on top was obviously freshly made! Yum!

Toast with freshly made strawberry jam

Love this face! And no, we didn't eat anywhere NEAR all of these frites!

We conquered the maul, then conquered the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon (I really have a death wish, apparently) and then finally made it home.

We are finally sitting down for the first time today. It’s been crazy busy but it was fun to spend so much time with Alexis just one on one. She’s my favorite! Love that girl.

Looking forward to watch the Stephen King mini-series tonight on AMC – Bag of Bones. I hope it’s just the right amount of scary and awesome.

Question: What did you do this weekend?


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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