Stress relief

So, today was a bad day.

I tend to turn to the wrong things to help relieve my stress. I’m looking for advice on good & healthy ways to refocus those stresses.

Working out, sure.
Eating right, of course.

But when all of your wants/needs are based around food and non-mission related nuances how do you possibly keep yourself on track?

Any and all advice is appreciated…


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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2 Responses to Stress relief

  1. Candi says:

    I used to have this problem with my cigarettes. I felt like they comforted me and when they were taken away, I felt berserk. I still have to remind myself that food isn’t the answer, either. Exercise always is my #1. I can walk off almost anything. Writing an email or phone call to a friend. Shopping. You just have to replace eating with something else. Meditation. Find something that calms you and comforts you…..

  2. zalary says:

    yea, this is so so hard! but like Candi said, you have to find something to replace it. And it will take a while for those things to feel like what you want to do when you are distressed, but keep reinforcing the new good behaviors and the old ones will have less pull.

    I’m with Candi on walking or exercising of some kind. Even stretches can be a nice compromise between a workout and a nap – lol. Also I love magazines, so I try to never buy magazines for fun but let them be a total comfort indulgence.

    And remember that we’re here for you. Me and Candi and probably lots of other people in your life. Sometimes nothing anyone says is going to help, but just having them be there to listen and vent to can take the edge off long enough to refocus.


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