What I eat and why

Confession: I’m obsessed with food.

This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone since I am currently on a mission to lose 100 lbs.  I haven’t always been overweight but I have always been obsessed with food. It’s easy to be – it’s everywhere in our society.

About three years ago I really started looking into the foods that I was eating and the foods that I was feeding my family. I can’t remember the exact tipping point of this journey to enlightenment but I’m sure it had something to do with Oprah and probably even something to do with Michael Pollan but I can’t be 100% sure.

As I started thinking about the exact ingredients in food and what I was eating I started getting really grossed out by the processes in which my food went through before it got to my grocery store – specifically meat and products made with meat byproducts.

I was going through a very difficult time in my life where I absolutely despised my job and I was absolutely 100% depressed and quickly putting on the weight that I had lost just two years before.

So, on April 1, 2009 I did a full body cleanse and decided to stop eating meat.

I called myself a vegetarian but in reality I was a pescatarian (I didn’t eat meat but I did eat fish) and I was quickly schooled and found myself corrected by various people. Pescatarian – got it. Yikes.

My family kind of freaked out.  My husband’s idea of a good meal is some type of meat, potatoes and a small vegetable on the corner of the plate.  When I told him I was going to stop eating meat he wigged.  He told me it wasn’t a sustainable lifestyle choice and that it would make it very difficult to have family dinners.

And it has. It certainly has.

I’m sure my inlaws thought it was a passing phase. I got alot of questions about why I was eliminating meat from my diet. I heard various comments like:
“God put the animals here for us to eat”
“Meat is good for you”
and my favorite: “But, what will you eat?!”

I agree that God did put animals here for us to eat and in moderation, meat is good for you.  However, the way that animals are treated and fed and then delivered is NOT good for you.  Man has changed the process and changed the genetic makeup of the animals.  Therefore, in my opinion, the value of the meat has changed.  When I buy meat for my family (steak, chicken, bison) I buy 100% farm-raised organic.

Now that it’s been 2 and a half years they have gotten used to the idea that I’m not eating meat and they typically tell me to bring the salad/vegetable when we have a potluck.  Which is great – they even loved the Mediterranean Quinoa Salad that I took last 4th of July.  Yay!

It’s a personal choice.  One that I have mulled over time and time again (especially when I get around someone eating buffalo chicken or a turkey sandwich).  But I think this is something that is going to be around for a very very long time for me – if not forever.

I have come out of my shell when it comes to trying different foods. I never – in a million years – would have ate squash when I was eating meat. I just didn’t think it was necessary when I could just open a can of green beans and call it a day.  But since my choices in entrees have changed I have branched out and tried other types of vegetables and salads.

I have not yet given up fish. I eat shrimp occasionally and I like to eat salmon once a week.  Tuna is a big one for me too since it’s easy to eat (straight out of the can is my favorite) and it packs alot of protein.  Crab and lobster is my absolute favorite though and while I don’t eat it very often I don’t want to say no when the opportunity presents itself.

I am very very picky about the type of fish that I eat and where it comes from. I only eat wild caught salmon and the shrimp must be wild caught as well. Never ever will I eat anything that comes from a farm.  I won’t buy salmon out at a restaurant unless it’s a higher end restaurant that can confirm that the salmon is wild.  Farm raised fish grosses me out and can make you sick.


One other thing that might surprise you about my eating habits is that I haven’t eaten from a restaurant that has a drive thru all year.  I made a New Years resolution to my family that I wasn’t going to eat fast food all year long and I’ve held true on that resolution.

I did allowed myself a reprieve during vacation since we were going to be traveling to California and back and we didn’t know what the food situation was going to look like.  However I only ate at two fast food restaurants while we were on the road:
1. Del Taco
2. In-N-Out Burger

You just cannot go to California without going to those places! I’m so very glad they don’t have either one of those here in Austin! Sheesh.

It’s been all year that I haven’t had any fast food restaurant food and it’s been fantastic. I don’t miss it a bit! I very rarely eat french fries anymore and I absolutely won’t allow myself to order them – ever. If someone in the family orders them then I’ll have one (maybe two) but never more than that. I just can’t. It’s one of those foods that I’ll eat and feel the need to have on a continuous basis. When my taste buds taste them I can’t shut off the desire for more. It’s an illness.

I’m trying absolutely everything that I can to be healthy.  I may be overweight but I consider myself and my food choices much healthier than most of the 120-150lb people that I see walking around me.  I’d stack my cholesterol and triglyceride levels up against theirs any day of the week.

So, as you can see I’m pretty picky about my food – that’s why I’m the one that grocery shops and I’m the one that puts the meals together. 🙂 The family has no problem with that whatsoever! 🙂

List of what I don’t eat:
Red meat, chicken, pork, bison, deer, anything made with gelatin like Snickers, Starburst (some are ok but I just avoid them), jelly beans, licorice, jello, pudding, gum, anything with aspartame, tilapia, any fish that’s farm raised, anything that has high fructose corn syrup in the first 10 ingredients, anything with MSG, any vegetable that I eat the skin if it’s not organic.

What I do eat:
All vegetables (organic if I eat the skin) and all grains.

I SHOULD be skinny! 🙂

Question: What types of food do you not eat & why?


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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3 Responses to What I eat and why

  1. Hunter says:

    There is just so much research about protein and its positive and necessary effects on weight loss. You should possibly consider just taking red meat off the list. Lean and white meats are good for you and their benefits are huge…If your current plan does not work, maybe you can go to this as a backup. It is certainly different for everyone.

    • Nicole2112 says:

      You are right – meat is certainly good for protein consumption. By not eating meat you just have to make sure that you get enough protein from other sources.
      I definitely reserve the right to add meat back to my diet at some point. Ha ha. 🙂

  2. Candi says:

    Ahhhh, pescatarian! Thanks for the lesson. I have no idea about these things. I had no idea you didn’t get fast food for a year! Yay! Great job! I’m kind of doing that myself because everything is so damn gross. I’ll eat at Quiznos and Mr. Goodcents and that’s about it. I still like BK once in a while, especially for the fries. 😉

    I agree that you should be skinny with what you eat! Lame!

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