Jam packed weekend

I often wonder if there is any more that I could possibly pack into a weekend.  I feel like our little family is constantly go-go-go.  It’s good, don’t get me wrong, because we make the most out of our time but sometimes I wish there was nothing on the agenda and the weekend was free…

I wrote about our frozen yogurt trip and grocery shopping yesterday.  That is how the weekend started. It just kept going from there. After grocery shopping I made myself a little lunch and then got ready to head to a town just south of me because…

I was asked to judge the Little Miss Hays County pageant!!

My good friend was the pageant director and she had asked me earlier in the week if I was available and if I wanted to do it.  Since I record and watch every episode of Toddlers & Tiara’s I figured that I could definitely make a go of it!

The little girls were so adorable and so sweet. The ages that I judged varied from 3 years old up to middle school.

Did I like it? Hmmm…let me think.

Hell yeah!!  I enjoyed every second of it! If you have seen Toddlers & Tiaras then you’ll know what I mean when I say it was a “very low glitz” pageant. There was no spray tans or fake nails, flippers or hair extensions. All of these girls were natural and just really happy to be there. No crazy mom’s standing behind us doing the silly dances.  There were no dances – just a little walk and a few waves.  It was fun!

After the pageant I rushed into Austin to watch a marching festival that one of the local high schools was putting on.  We go every year but unfortunately this year it had been raining off and on all day so the schedule was pushed back a good two hours.  We didn’t get to see who we wanted and unfortunately they called the contest off before it was totally over.  Major bummer.  I guess we’ll have to catch them at another contest before the season is over.  We headed home about 9 or so and watched some shows before calling it a night.

Tommy and I have just started watching Breaking Bad so we finished Season 1 last night and then we watched the new show American Horror Story.  Um, I’m not quire sure what to think about American Horror Story. I adore Connie Britton and I really like Dylan McDermott but it’s really creepy. We’ll probably watch at least one more episode to see if it’s a keeper but I’m just not sure.

This morning we got up pretty early and went to church and then spent hours shopping. Alexis got some giftcards and cash from her birthday that she wanted to spend so the maul it was.  Yes, the maul – that’s how we refer to it.

We carved out some time for lunch and then Alexis had her last PSAT class in the early evening. Finally, she’s done with that class! Yay!

I took advantage of her being at the class and went and did a little shopping for myself. Nothing major but I got a couple pairs of jeans and a couple of sweaters.

When she got out of her class we met Tommy for dinner and then headed home to finish up the chores that didn’t get done the rest of the weekend because I wasn’t home. Argh. That’s not what Sunday nights are for. They are made for relaxing and doing nothing.  Didn’t I get the memo?

But now my gym bag is packed and my laundry is done for the week. I can watch the Real Housewives of NJ finale with a clear mind, shower and then go to bed at a decent hour. Ahhh…sleep.

I’m already looking forward to next weekend. I am making NO PLANS and hoping to have a little bit of a staycation at mi casa.  Maybe I can get back to focusing on scrapbooking. Maybe?


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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