New Job – New Routine

Today was a good day!

Started my new job and began a whole new morning routine – drive, prep, etc. How did it go?

Well…..It was exhausting!!

I didn’t sleep hardly any at all which is very rare for me. Typically I can sleep like a baby no matter what is going on in my life but I think because I had been staying up so late at night and getting up at 8am everyday I had a hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep. The dogs kept waking me up and I just tossed and turned.

The alarm clock went off at 6:15am and I hit the floor with no problem at all.  My bag was already packed and my work clothes were already in the car. I was fully prepared!

I was in the car by 6:30 and off to the gym on the other side of town. Had a great 45 minute workout, got off the elliptical and headed to the locker room.  I made it to work by 8:30 and worked until 6:00.

The drive home took a little over an hour and then I got home and helped my dinner and finally sat down at 8:00 to eat and mellow out.

I caught up on Twitter and Facebook (as much as I can with the new timeline. I’m sure I’m missing a crapload of updates. I hate that), email and eventually I’ll made it to my Google Reader but that might be after I crawl into bed. If I can stay awake long enough.

Unfortunately, I think I’m getting sick. The allergies are off the charts here and it’s taking a toll on me. I just want to make it through tomorrow so I can sleep long and hard tomorrow night. I think that will really help. But, for now I’m drinking alot of Airborne and hoping that I can just stay alert through tomorrow.

My food was pretty basic today and there wasn’t much of it.
Breakfast: Granola bar
Lunch: Grilled shrimp and grilled vegetables with a salad w. balsamic dressing
Dinner: Spaghetti
Dessert: Dark chocolate with hazelnuts

Tomorrow I’ll have to bring my lunch and snacks. That might help me feel better too.

SparkPeople log for today

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 952
Exercise minutes – 398


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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