Let’s Celebrate!

Guess who is employed again? Yay!

I did not enjoy my time off between jobs. I wish that I would have had a crystal ball and could have known that on October 4th I’d have a fantastic job offer that would relieve my stress.  I wish that I would have been able to maybe enjoy my time off between jobs but instead I spent the bulk of every day looking for jobs online, networking with my contacts and making sure everyone knew that I was still looking for a job.

Now, I can take a deep breath and enjoy my day today and tomorrow before I start my new job on Thursday. I have so many things to do that I have put off because I didn’t have a job or just didn’t want to spend the time to do them.

Tomorrow I need to:

  • get my car inspected
  • get a new pair of sandals
  • get some new eyeshadow and mascara
  • meet a friend for coffee/lunch
  • get my hair cut
  • get Alexis’ hair cut.

Fun things but just alot to do! So glad I have a job.  So so glad…

I was sitting on the edge of my seat after my interview yesterday evening and in order to get my day to go a little faster today I made plans to have lunch.  However, I mistakenly double booked myself! Whoops. I made plans with Allison but then forgot that I had plans with my hubby but luckily it worked out very well – I just had two lunches. 🙂

Tommy and I went to my absolute favorite taco restaurant – Torchy’s Tacos. They are an Austin original and so amazingly good! I just ordered one taco and no chips or sides at all.  I was going easy since I wanted to have a little something with Allison as well. My taco was so so so good!

Fried Avocado taco on corn tortillas.

After having lunch with my hubby I went over to have lunch with Allison.  We went to Jason’s Deli.  I always forget how good Jason’s is – when you eat it there. I had my opinion tainted because at my prior job they ordered from there alot.  When the food would be delivered it was cold and typically soggy.  Not very appetizing at all.  However, when you get the same thing there at the restaurant the food is remarkably fresh and really really good.

I ordered the spinach wrap with steamed veggies. How yummy does that look?

I only ate half of the wrap and practically none of my veggies but I wasn’t there for the food – I was there for the company.

I picked Alexis up, went grocery shopping and then Ali & Tommy took me out to dinner to celebrate the new gig.  Love that!!

It took me a bit to realize where I wanted to go for my little celebration but I eventually decided on Jack Allen’s. It’s a local restaurant that uses locally sourced ingredients – I can totally get behind that! We typically go there for group happy hours but it was nice to go with just Tommy & Ali.

As we were sitting there waiting to order Allison showed up and surprised me by joining us in our little celebration. She’s so awesome! I was very excited that she took time out of her evening to swing by and hang out with us.  There is nothing better than a thoughtful friend.  I can tell you that first hand.  Love her!

For dinner we got a bunch of appetizers and sort of shared them – along with a very yummy wedge salad (my favorite!)

We started with some guacamole and house-made salsa.

"Wedgie Salad" with a side of blue cheese. Those tomatoes were AWE-some!

We also shared the Blue Crab Gratin dip. It was a wonderful dose of crab which I have been craving for months now. I still want the real thing – some awesome crab legs – but this worked for now.  Tommy ordered the chicken nachos and Alexis got the barbacoa sliders.  We were all incredibly happy with our orders and didn’t end up sharing too much with each other. Ha!

It was a great day where I got to have lunch with my hubby and my best buddy.  Then I celebrated a job offer! Doesn’t get much better than that!

SparkPeople log for today.

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 1,495
Exercise minutes – 0


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A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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6 Responses to Let’s Celebrate!

  1. vegburger says:

    Great blog post and congrats on the new job 🙂

  2. Martha says:

    Congrats on getting a job!!!! woo hoo

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  4. Congrats on the job! I had torchy’s last week… so good! I’m hooked on breakfast tacos now!

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