Ali’s Birthday Part Deux

We love birthdays in this house.

I love holidays too but birthdays are just something special. I really like making a big deal about Tommy or Alexis’ birthday and turning it into not just a birthDAY but stretching it out to be more like a birthWEEK.

Earlier this week we had Alexis’ actual birthday (on the 28th) and Tommy and I shared that with her alone.  Today, though, we were able to celebrate her special day with the rest of the family.

But, before we could get to the party time Alexis had another PSAT class. She is getting pretty tired of these weekend classes but she’s being a trooper and keeping her chin up and her mind focused. I know that she will be so happy that she is getting the most out of these classes when she rocks the PSAT and the SAT and has no trouble getting into the college of her choice!

While Alexis was getting smarter, I snuck away to meet with Allison to have coffee and chit-chat uninterrupted for 2.5 hours. It is always awesome to sit with her and catch up. I miss working with her everyday. We can never seem to talk enough or run out of things to talk about. Aren’t those the best kind of friends?

Tonight for Alexis’ family Birthday celebration we took Alexis to eat with my in-laws and she picked Cannoli Joe’s – which is pretty much an Italian buffet.  We had been there once before and loved it and she decided it was time to try it again.

We had a wonderful time at dinner.  I was very happy to see that they had many vegetarian options and even had all of the ingredients included on the name plates above the entrees.  Those that were veggie were clearly marked as such. So nice!!

I had a couple of plates of food but was careful not to eat any white bread since I’ve realized that that tends to make me pretty sick. I told Tommy & Ali as we were walking in to make sure that I didn’t eat ANY white bread – period. I knew that if I didn’t get their assistance that turning down bruschetta, pasta & pizza would be impossible! I am so glad they are there to help me when I need it.

First trip – the salad plate:


Clockwise starting at the top = cesar salad, marinated mushrooms and bowtie pasta salad.

Second trip: the entrees:

Clockwise starting from the top = green beans, grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes, veggie lasagna, grilled zucchini and marinated carrots & broccoli.

Third trip: dessert:

Strawberry & chocolate covered strawberry, fruit salad, coconut macaroon and a cannoli that I didn't have more than one bite of. Gross.

I made some pretty good choices and I was very happy with what I ate vs. what I passed up.  I will consider this a win!

We went home after dinner and had cake & opened presents from the family.  She scored big with some new pink sparkly Tom’s shoes and some cash & a gift card.  Lucky girl. 🙂

(image courtesy of Tom's)

Earlier in the week when I asked her what she wanted for her family dessert she told me that she wanted me to make her a cake – one of the confetti cake’s. I LOVE these and hadn’t had one in years so it was going to be fun.  It came out pretty good but we are NOT cake decorators AT ALL and the decorations kind of fell apart a bit…

We bought some of the icing writing and tried our best. I was way too nervous to screw it up so I iced the cake and Alexis actually wrote the message.  We had a very nice “Happy Birthday Alexis” written and a flower drawn and a nice “17” written in the bottom left hand corner. However, the “Birthday” got demolished when we put the foil on to protect it from drying out. D’oh!

So, in order to cover up the ‘uh oh’ we put the Darth Vader light-saber candle holder smack in the middle where the message got erased.  Oy vey. This is why people pay alot of money for beautiful cakes. Decorating isn’t for sissy’s.

"Happy Birthday Alexis" is what it SHOULD have said. Thank goodness Darth is there to fill in the gaps.

It really doesn’t matter what it looks like – this cake tasted awesome! So light and airy and the frosting was delicious! Holy cow.  Success!! Also, the looks of it didn’t bother Ms. Alexis one little bit.

Look at that smile!

I wish I could give her a cake every day of the year! She deserves it...

Make a wish, beautiful girl.

I asked her tonight if she wished for the same thing every time she blew out a candle this year for her birthday festivities or if she wished for something different.  She said she wished for something different.  Love that!


My caloric intake was a little higher today than I was allowed but during my goals this week I allowed myself two days to go over. I figured at a buffet I wasn’t going to stay under 1,550. No problem though. I didn’t completely blow it.

SparkPeople log for today.

Tomorrow I’ll follow up with how I’m doing on my goals that I set up for myself earlier this week.  Just a hint: Some I did good at. Some not so good. Oy.

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 1661
Exercise minutes – 0


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