Thunder is not Abbey’s friend

Austin and the entire Central Texas region has been without rain for a very long time. The most recent statistics say that even if we start getting rain right away that we could be in this serious drought for another 15 years. The effects of this are tremendous – and scary.

However, rain is not what I want to talk about today.  No – we didn’t get any of that precious clear stuff that falls from the sky.  Instead we got a lot of clouds, some cooler temperatures (I’ll take that!) and a very serious case of thunder and lightning – which came at a horrible time since I wasn’t home, the dogs were alone and Abbey is petrified of thunder.

I mentioned yesterday that I had an interview this afternoon. Yay! But during that interview, unbeknownst to me, the storms rolled into my little town. As I was driving home I could see the dark clouds over on the horizon – and then the lightening. Uh oh.

I rushed to pick up Alexis from school and got home to a very scared Abbey-dog who had torn down the baby gate that we use to keep the dogs in the hallway. She had also torn down the gate that we keep at the bottom of the stairs to keep them from going up there as well.  After she escaped the confines of the hallway, she tore through the house and tried to find a safe place to lay where she felt protected.  She got into our closet and scratched her way into the corner under the clothes – demolishing everything that I had stacked on the floor in neat piles.

My poor baby. I felt absolutely horrible when I got home. She was breathing heavy, was thirsty and incredibly stressed out. I felt like a horrible horrible Mommy.  I had absolutely no idea that the storms were going to come while I was gone.  I’m so thankful I didn’t stop at the gym on the way home.

The interview went well, though. I hope to hear something soon. Cross your fingers for me?

I started off the day preparing for said interview with a Cliff bar and coffee. I didn’t actually make it to the banana…

The banana looks pretty. Maybe I'll eat it tomorrow.

Lunch was my absolutely wonderful leftovers from P.F. Chang’s last night. I was surprised I could eat anything – I was so nervous for my meeting but I stepped away from the computer, sat down and watched the latest Up All Night episode while eating.  Wow, that show has such potential but it’s so not funny.  It’s officially fired from my list of shows.  I’m over it.

Seriously? How much better of a lunch can you have? Salmon is my favorite!

After I got home and cleaned up Abbey’s house demolition I sat down and had a little snacky-poo of leftover cookie cake. That’s it for me though. All of that icing is making me sick.  I should have stopped at just the one piece yesterday…. Oy.

Dinner was as easy as could be. Whole wheat spaghetti and sauce. It’s also one of my absolute favorite meals…

Pasta. So simple but so good.

It was a very decent day in the food department.  I hit all of my numbers (low on the fat today but that’s ok) and had some pretty decent food. The stress of the interview though has affected my appetite – I guess that’s a good thing.

SparkPeople log for today.

The downside though is that I didn’t get to the gym.  But everything else about the day was incredible.  I consider that a win!

Now I’m off to go love on my puppy who is really mad at me for leaving her alone during the storms today. I have alot of making up to do….

Is that a mean face, or what? She's mad at me!

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 1380
Exercise minutes – 0


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4 Responses to Thunder is not Abbey’s friend

  1. Ally says:

    I fired Up All Night from my dvr too.

    • Nicole2112 says:

      That show had so much potential but then it just didn’t live up to it. I rolled me eyes and shut it off during this last episode when they cut to Maya Rudolph’s character in the music video with the old boyfriend. I just couldn’t do it.

  2. Dana says:

    Hey Sweetie,
    My fingers will remain crossed regarding your interview.
    I really enjoy your blog; it’s an awesome way to keep connected and more personal the FB (Although I’m totally addicted to FB)
    I hope Abby is doing better today, BTW, it poured at our house last night around 8 o’clock for 15 minutes.
    One more thing, I disappointed in “Up all night”, but literally lol when their cell phone rang at the neighbor’s party when the cops were there.
    Love you and have an awesome weekend.
    ~ Dana

    • Nicole2112 says:

      Thanks Dana! I’m addicted to FB too, trust me! 🙂
      When his cellphone rang at the party on Up All Night I literally laughed out loud too. That was seriously funny. Too bad the whole thing couldn’t be like that. Have you been watching Happy Endings too? It started last week.

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