Friends and Furbabies!

Being unemployed can be pretty lonely – and boring.  Sitting at the house, in front of the computer all day looking for a job or reworking your resume – over and over again.  I look forward to the days when I get a lunch invitation and can go out and be with my friends for awhile. Something different is good!

Yesterday Allison (link to her blog will appear when she finally gets off her bum and gets one started…hint hint) emailed me to see if I wanted to have lunch with her and her Mom today.  I absolutely love her Mom and I couldn’t wait to catch up with both of them at the same time!  It was a date….

But before lunch time I had to feed myself breakfast.  I got the hubby and the kiddo off to work & school with lunch boxes in hand and it was time for me to make myself some grub.  I went very simple this morning…

Cereal! This cereal is the healthier version of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So good!

Coffee... My Keurig is my best friend in the morning.

When it was time for lunch we met at a local sub place and sat and chatted for a good while. Took some pictures of each other…and food of course! Life is not complete without pictures, y’all!

Me and Allison. Always smiling...

Dinah and me... She's Allison's Mom (and mine too - I've adopted her)

Allison still works at the place where I was laid off from last month and several of my very good friends still work there.  She was nice enough to bring one of them along to join us as well.

Me, Collin and Allison. I love these guys!

It really sucks not to see these people everyday.  There are several other people from there that I miss too. They tell you that it will be difficult to adjust to life without going to work everyday but they don’t ever mention the relationships that you’ve built with your coworkers. You miss it…everyday.  It’s a bummer but at least we are always trying to get together and include our families even.  That’s the best part!

Lunch was a sub sandwich and a 1/2 bag of chips.  Veggie on wheat for me with mustard and a slice of pepperjack cheese.  It was delicious! Sometimes their bread isn’t the freshest but today it was really wonderful. Every bite was good!

They doused it with oregano and vinegar too. Made it very yummy!

We hung out for as long as we could before all of the workin’ folk had to get back to their jobs.  Boo!!  I ran by the pet store and got my furbabies some food as well.  And a little treat!

Abbey & Ranger saw me carry the food & treats in and could instantly smell them in my hands.  I couldn’t walk anywhere around the house without them following me and begging me with their eyes to give them the treats that they just knew that I had! These are some amazing animals, I tell you! My dogs are WAAAAY too smart for their own good.

"Give me the treats and no one gets hurt". Which one do you think would do more damage?

I’m such a sucker.  One look in these eyes and I couldn’t make them wait any longer.  I gave in…

Ranger took his and ran away for some privacy.

Then brought it back over to me and laid down in front of me.

Abbey was a very happy dog, indeed! She's got such a great smile!

Very happy puppies eating their bones.

I have waaay more pictures that I took that I was going to share but this might be enough for now. 🙂 I did take some video of me talking to Abbey about her not eating her bone. It’s hilarious.  Her face is that of a human sometimes. I swear she understands what I’m saying.

Tonight we have happy hour/dinner with a few of our friends.  Can’t wait to meet up with them, it’s been quite a while since I’ve seen some of them.  Should be fun!


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One Response to Friends and Furbabies!

  1. Kira Wood says:

    You have the sweetest voice. So adorable, I love it ❤

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