Belated Birthday Brunch

Back in August one of my very best girlfriends, Allison, had a birthday and I missed it because I was on vacation.  It took us a few tries and misses to reschedule my celebration of her birthday and we finally succeeded yesterday!

We tried to go to a little restaurant on the east side of town but they were inundated with hungry/hung-over patrons due to ACL (Austin City Limits Festival for those of you that aren’t mega into music) so we deviated from our plan a bit and went to her favorite restaurant in town – Olivia.

It was delicious! It was only my second time to come here (and both times has been with Allison) and I can understand why it’s her favorite.  The menu is constantly changing and they serve incredibly fresh food and it’s all very artfully presented.  It’s definitely a treat!

Even the menu is gorgeous!

I went back and forth between the 2 farm fresh eggs plate and the farm spinach omelet.  I ended up picking the eggs and Allison got the omelet.  I substituted my meat choice for an Olivia Salad.

Extremely fresh garden greens with a very light tomato vinaigrette on top.

2 eggs, scrambled, and frites. Sounds much fancier than "fries", yes?

It was a great brunch! I regret not getting pictures of Allison’s omelet because it had goat cheese, red onion and guacamole. It was gorgeous! Next time I’ll get that and share it with you.

We talked for a good while and enjoyed each other’s company like only friends can.  I miss seeing her every day.  We have worked together twice in the past and always loved the ability to see each other every day. Hopefully we’ll get there again.  It was really fun to share a special brunch for her birthday!

Love her!!!

I tweeted yesterday that I’ll go ahead and take my Mom of the Year award now. I picked up a couple of coffee’s yesterday before I picked up Alexis from her SAT prep class.

We adore Summermoon. Although, they have been hurting my tummy lately. Not cool.

She was so excited when she got in the car! I got a hug, and the coffee got this:

Ali loves her coffee!

The Emmy’s were on last night.  I made us a quick dinner so that we could get down to business and watch the entire night.  We started with the E! Red Carpet preview and then the arrivals and finally the awards themselves.

Words cannot express how happy I am for Kyle Chandler’s win and the win for the writing on Friday Night Lights as well! I just wish that Connie Britton and the show could have had the same fortune. I would say “We’ll get them next year” but unfortunately FNL’s run is over.  *sniff* We’ll always have the DVD’s.

SparkPeople log

Today’s Totals:
Total calories: 1585
Total exercise: 0


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