Hakuna Matata

Y’all! It was a very exciting day for this family yesterday!

1. It rained
2. The Lion King was back in theaters (!!!!)
3. Our Erin Condren planners came in the main


I was sitting at the computer at about 1:00p or so and I started hearing this strange noise that sounded like someone was beating on the roof.  It had been so long since I had heard this that it took me a second to realize – IT’S RAINING!!

If anyone from any other part of the world is reading this other than Central Texas then you might think I’m crazy but around these parts (enter video of a country boy shifting his pants & chewin’ on straw here) “We ain’t see rain in dang-near 9 months.”

If anyone else forgot what rain looks like here’s a reminder:

It falls from the sky....

...and covers up the road...

...and slides down the roof...

(Note to hubby: We have got to start rain water collection when we get this clear wet stuff regularly…)

It was heavenly! When you remember that we haven’t had measurable rain since before January and we have a drought as serious as we do (we desperately need 15 more inches at least to be where we should be) these things make you a little bit excited. I mean, look at how brown my front yard is. It’s horrible.  The only green part of our entire lawn is the back part for the puppies to do their business.

So the rain was a very welcome sight for this family.  We are hoping to maybe get a little bit more before the weekend is over.

The Lion King:

The Lion King has been Alexis’ favorite movie since she was about 6 months old. It was originally released in 1994 which is the year she was born. Since she was a little too young to sit through a movie then, she didn’t see it until it came out on video.  I’ll never forget the first time it was played and she was in the room – she was transfixed.  She was only 6 months old but she was mesmerized by the music and the colors on the tv. It was so precious.

I have video of her sitting in front of the tv reaching out to the screen with both hands when Simba was introduced to the other animals. She got so excited and loved it so much. I knew that it was wrong to play a movie or so much tv to your child so young – but what are you supposed to do when she asks for it and enjoys it so much? 🙂

So, needless to say, this movie has a special place in all of our hearts. When we heard that Disney was re-releasing it to theatres we were very excited! We were going for sure. However, we were pretty disappointed that it was in 3-D only. We aren’t big fans of the 3-D experience.

We paid the hefty 3-D ticket fee (really? I mean, really?) and went and saw ourselves a movie!

I love these peeps...

It was absolutely fantastic! It was so awesome to see it on the big screen.  All of the colors were beautiful and the music loud and no one could hear if you said all of the words along to the movie with the person next to you. 🙂 (<—- my favorite part)
Alexis and I both hadn’t seen the Mufasa death scene in about 16 years.  We always fast forwarded it on the video because it’s so traumatic and we hate the music and the entire process. Alexis realized before it started that there was no escape – we were going to have to sit and watch it. Boo!  We were both sniffling (well, maybe it was just me) by the end of the scene.  There was this small group of teenage girls behind us that were sniffling too. I didn’t feel so bad…

However, at the end of the scene when it was all quiet and at it’s most dramatic this little boy in the front of the theater dumped his entire box of Skittles on the floor.  It sounded like it was in slow motion because they just cascaded on the floor and you could hear each one hit the ground.  It was exactly what we needed to break the tension.  Poor little guy, though. It sounded like he lost the whole box of Skittles…

Happy little movie-goers. A very nice way to spend our Friday night!

Again, we loved it but man we really do hate the entire 3-D experience.  I hate wearing the glasses, they make everything dark and not as vibrant as they should be on the screen and don’t lie to me and tell me that you feel like things are “coming out at you”. Bull. But it’s the only way we could have seen this so we went with it.

We love you Simba!

Food today was good. I didn’t get to the gym because I got busy around the house but I’ll make up for it this weekend. My food was still well within my numbers and I even hit my protein for the day! Boo-yah!

Lunch - salmon, veggies and True Blood

Dinner - Tuna sandwich & bbq chips

Not pictured: my cereal for breakfast and my popcorn for a midnight snack after we got home. (That movie theater popcorn is a huge no-no.)

After the movie we went to the high school to catch the end of the game & watch the new marching show for the Dripping Springs HS Band.  Alexis may not be in it anymore but we are still pretty attached. 🙂 They were filming the show for the Battle of the Bands that our newspaper, The Statesman, puts on every year.  If you are into marching bands you should watch !

And the last thing that made Alexis & I very happy yesterday… Our Erin Condren planners came! That excitement needs it’s own entry… Here’s a peek…

Even the packaging makes my heart flutter!

Today’s food was good but could have had more fruits. My veggie consumption was okay, I think, but I lacked some fruit. But look at those protein numbers. Wee!

SparkPeople log for today

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 1326
Exercise minutes – 0


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2 Responses to Hakuna Matata

  1. Kira Wood says:

    With you on the 3D. The second I put on the glasses the low throbbing starts and it’s all I can do to keep my eyes open! And there was nothing to warrant it, either. I only remember two parts where the girls got excited and reached out – the bird at the beginning and when the leaves fluttered.

    Gosh, Alexis and The Lion King totally brings back precious memories…. and her singing the opening of Toy Story (ON KEY) at 2 1/2. Wow. You should totes upload and share that video.

  2. Martha says:

    Loved seeing LK with Maggie! It was always Melissa’s favorite also! Maggie cried when Mufasa died…Maggie has never seen LK in a theater, so it was a moment for us. I agree on the 3D part, it really served no purpose in this movie. There are so many movies coming out in 3D, and now you can buy 3D systems for your home ugh…

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