Smile pretty

My bestest girlfriend, Allison, is getting married in 6 months! It’s so exciting watching her go through the wedding planning process and all of the awesome perks that come along with it.

For example today she got to put on her gorgeous wedding dress and get her makeup professionally done to take her bridal portraits. Weee! A real life fashion show!

I took many pictures of the beautiful bride-to-be but unfortunately I can’t share any of them with you. The groom can’t see the dress and you never know who might stumble across my blog.  However, I am allowed to share just one picture from this morning – putting the finishing touches on her makeup!

*squints* Looks good from here...

The ladies at Rae Cosmetics did a wonderful job of making her look even more beautiful and like a bride! We especially love them because all of their makeup is natural and people/animal cruelty-free.  Yay!

We went to several parks and places around Austin for her pictures and ended up at her favorite local wine bar to finish up some photos while enjoying some vino!

I'm not a big wine drinker but in the right company I can be persuaded. It's not hard.

It was so much fun to spend time with Allison, Amber and her Mom.  Love these girls! Definitely put a smile on my face.

After all of our hard work (really?) we grabbed some lunch at Hopdoddy before going our separate ways for the day.

I enjoyed their Field Greens salad with some ranch on the side.  Yummm!

Looks good enough to eat, right?

The rest of the evening was pretty mellow. Tommy got home kind of late so I took my time making veggies in the oven.  I’ve recently discovered that I kind of love zucchini and squash (what????) so I’ve been making them in the oven at least once a week for the past few weeks.  I have the absolute simplest recipe that makes them SOOOO good!

Start with 2 yellow squash and 2 zucchini.  Cut them small like this:

Don't forget the tin foil on the baking sheet - makes clean up so much easier! (You're welcome)

Cut 4 or 5 carrots thinly as well and add them to the mixture and add some mushrooms & half an onion as well.

Picture of the carrots, mushrooms and onion before being sliced.

Then, the pièce de résistance is the olive oil and seasoning! (Is that french for “the piece that makes it taste yummy”?)

Sprinkle some olive oil on top of the veggies!

Then sprinkle your favorite seasoning on them as well. Our favorite in this house is fajita seasoning. It goes in everything from veggies to guacamole. It's divine!

Then bake in the oven at 450* for 30 minutes.

Don't look at my dirty stove. I'm too busy making veggies...

After your 30 minutes is up serve to your sweet child who absolutely loves your veggies.  It makes her smile everytime. 🙂

Veggies make Ali happy! Ali makes Mommy happy by eating what she cooks!

Pair with your favorite fish or just eat them by themselves.  Yummy. It’s totally easy to do and I know that I shouldn’t be this excited about vegetables but, damn it, I am. Ha!

Let me know if you try them like this.

SparkPeople log for today

Food today was good. I didn’t feel deprived at all but my calories were under my suggested totals from SparkPeople. I really thought my milk this morning and my salmon for dinner would put me in range for my protein but it didn’t happen.  I’m still trying! By not eating meat it’s difficult to get my protein in everyday but I’m working on it.
Might need to try protein powder.  Does anyone know of any good brands that don’t taste like butt?

Today’s totals:
Calories consumed – 1130
Exercise minutes – 0

My question to you: What is your favorite way to get your veggies and protein in for the day?


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4 Responses to Smile pretty

  1. Kira Wood says:

    When I visit you will make me these veggies and I will make you kale chips. Then we hug.

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