The floor belongs to the dogs

It’s putting it mildly to say that I’m a dog lover.  I love dogs more than I love most people and I made sure that my life partner felt the same way about the furry beasts.  We have two beautiful brittany spaniels who run this house.  We joke all the time how the hierarchy in the house is as follows:

1. Tommy
2. Abbey (our 11 year old female brittany)

This is Abbey - always spunky and ready to play.

3. Me
4. Ranger (our 8 year old male brittany)

Ranger - sweet and cuddly and always ready for attention.

5. …and finally Alexis

It’s kind of funny but it’s true.  We run our schedules around the dogs and try not to be gone from the house for too long of a stretch since we keep them inside while we are gone.  We make sure they have their annual checkups before we do most times and their comfort and atmosphere in the house is always consulted. We love our dogs!

So, it was no surprise this morning that Ranger would think that if I was on the floor doing a workout video that it had everything to do with him. I mean, doesn’t the floor belong to the dogs?

I tried to ignore him for a set of sit ups or two but who in the world can ignore this face?

"What are you doing down here?! Can we snuggle?"

Bless his heart. He just laid down right next to me and gave me those sweet eyes and I was a gonner.  🙂 We had some snuggle time and then I picked up his favorite toy (see big red stuffed something in the background) and we played for a good while.  I love that little guy.

I can’t mention or point out my furbabies without showing my real baby is doing right now, right?

She's studying hard and looking beautiful while she does it.

She’s rocking out the homework and focusing hard. Mom did interrupt her to make her look up and smile but for the most part she is hard at work.  (She’s not a senior, btw. Not yet at least! It was just a free t-shirt. Move along now. Don’t make me older before my time.)

Workouts today consisted of 2 Gilad videos (lots of strength and cardio together) and some time on the treadmill.  The distance was not noteworthy but again, with my feet I do as much as I can before they start to ache.  Tomorrow I’ll get to the gym so I can spend some serious time with the elliptical.  Those don’t hurt my PF quite as much as the treadmill.

Food was boring but I took some shots to share.


Alexis and I found Vitatops at the grocery store and she talked me into picking them up. Low in calories and high in protein. Just what mama needs.

Have you tried these? Like, wow! However, the banana nut is far better than the ones they tout as "chocolate". Ick.

They are like eating the top of a muffin – which is the best part, isn’t it? So now you can have it without having to worry about the icky bottom part.  Yum!

Breakfast. Look at those red strawberries!

Drank my coffee out of my very special “Friendship” cup that I received from a very special friend. Makes me smile every time.


No picture of lunch today. It looked just like my dinner last night. Two corn tortillas with black beans, pico and lettuce. Leftovers…very yummy!


You will soon see that I’m not quite a gourmet chef – or even a non-gourmet chef. I keep it pretty simple around here but the troops don’t seem to mind.  A nice bowl of pasta hit the spot tonight.

Boring - whole wheat spaghetti with organic Newman's Own marinara. *yawn*

Thinking ahead to my workout tomorrow. I have lunch planned with a friend and I need to spend some serious time at the gym.  Wow, I’m getting out of the house for the first time this week. Go me!

Feeling good about my calorie intake this week and my calories burned.  Love it!

SparkPeople calorie log for today. I'm working on that protein but it's just not there somedays.

Todays totals:
Calories consumed – 1347
Exercise minutes – 70

Are you an animal person? Cats or dogs or something else?


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