Monday Rundown

Since I’ve not been working (I like the sound of “not been working” better than laid off. It doesn’t sound so depressing.  Just go with it – don’t judge) I’ve been trying not to get sucked into the vortex that can be the internet all day every day. It’s very easy to lose focus of what you want to accomplish and get side tracked with how many Anderson Cooper videos you can watch in one day. (“Oh, I forgot he interviewed Eminem! I’ll watch it real quick. It’ll only take a sec!”)

I make sure that I set time aside to check all of the job boards on a daily basis, renew my resume and do what I need to do and then move on to something else.  Today I was very proud of myself.  This was my list:

  1. Make lunches for Tommy & Ali
  2. Eat breakfast
  3. Search job boards
  4. Check Twitter & Facebook
  5. Eat lunch
  6. Workout
  7. Scrapbook
  8. Make grocery list
  9. Go to the grocery store
  10. Do laundry
  11. Pick up Alexis
  12. Watch Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk show
  13. Make dinner
  14. Welcome husband home

All of this went off very well with the absence of one thing.  My scrapbook area didn’t get touched today. 😦  It sat there sad like this:

Poor, lonely projects just sitting there waiting to be created.

I wanted to get to it – and I will tomorrow – but today was all about working and being a good girl.

I had some good meals – although they were pretty boring.  Wanna see?


Honey Bunches of Oats cereal, coffee & banana.

I love cereal for some reason. I always put a cup of milk in with the cereal but never end up drinking it all. I just like my cereal to swim.  Also, confession – I didn’t eat the banana. I just couldn’t. It was way too ripe. So I froze it and I’ll use it in my smoothie tomorrow.


Baked ziti & salad

Leftover baked ziti (whole grain ziti, of course) and salad.  Pasta is so much better when it’s been sitting for a couple of days and marinating. I love love love leftover Italian food. *drool*.


I made a serious mess when I was making dinner.

Dinner mess. Who wants to help clean?

It doesn’t look that bad here because I was cleaning as I was going but making tacos for this family can be messy. There’s meat for the meat eaters on the stove and then the black beans for me, veggies, tomatoes for those that don’t like pico de gallo and then pico for me.  Lettuce, salsa, flour tortillas for Tommy and then corn for Ali & I. We are just a mess and it requires way too much prep. But it’s one of my absolute favorite meals!

My plate looked like this:

Refried black bean tacos on corn tortillas

Soooo good. I didn’t want my food to be gone but in no time, it was.  I am so thrilled that I have leftovers for tomorrow. 🙂


My workout today was good. I did a “Boot Camp Body” cardio episode from Exercise TV on Demand. (God Bless Time Warner Cable!) I love to go to the gym but on days when all I want to do is stay home this is the best way for me to get my workout on.  30 minutes of this and then another 10 minutes for a “Cardio Core” episode.  Loved it!

Bootcamp Body cardio from Exercise TV On Demand

I was very productive today.  And to reward me for that I received notification from Erin Condren‘s website that my Life Planner has shipped. I squeeled! Legit squeeling. I have been waiting for this planner for what seems like months. I cannot wait to get it.  🙂 If you haven’t heard of Erin or her products you should check out the website.  I’m in love!

Calorie Log from SparkPeople

Todays totals:
Calories consumed – 1345
Exercise minutes – 40

How was your day? Did you get everything on your list crossed off?


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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4 Responses to Monday Rundown

  1. Candi says:

    Okay, so first of all, OMFG, your creative area is A-MAAAAAAzing! Why haven’t I seen that before?! So awesome!

    Secondly, your kitchen! ALSO LOVE. I’ll come live with you if I’m ever homeless. 😀

  2. Do you use My Fitness Pal? I’ve used it for a month, tracking my calories and fitness — It’s a good tool! If you do, add me: SmashYall. I love Exercise TV On Demand. Have you tried The Butt Bible? [Funny name but it’s pretty hardcore!] My blog is private for now [blogging funk :(] but I’m going to add you to my dashboard to keep up with you! 🙂 [Find me on Twitter: @smash1983!]

    • Nicole2112 says:

      I don’t use My Fitness Pal. I’ve heard great things about it but I’ve been using SparkPeople for awhile.
      I’ve never tried the Butt Bible but I’ve seen it on there and I will definitely check it out on my next strength day (Thursday).
      Let me know if want to share your blog. 🙂

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