Time together

Alexis had a friend spend the night last night and they had some plans for this morning so that left Tommy and I on our own for the morning and early afternoon.

Typically Tommy has a match or wants to go to the ranch on the weekends so having him home and available to hang with me was a very nice change. I took full advantage of it!

We dropped Alexis and her friend off at the mall and went for a quick “pick me up” as we decided what we were going to do with ourselves for the next few hours.


Awake Tea for me - Triple Carmel Macchiato for him.

I was pushing hard for Olivia or South Congress Cafe but Tommy wasn’t going for it. He wanted something more mellow and with less of a wait than I’m sure those two restaurants would have had.

So we ended up at La Madeleine where it was easy enough to get into (no wait makes Tommy very happy!) and order something reasonably healthy.


Brunch at La Madeline. Egg beaters with mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes.

I ate about two bites of the croissant and tossed it. The egg beaters were horrible – absolutely disgusting. Boo! I ate half of my “omelet” and moved on to my fruit. The fruit was good but there was too much of it so I ate about 3/4 of the cup.

We spent a good amount of time at Barnes & Noble. It’s weird to not go in there and want every book I see. Since I’ve bought my iPad I haven’t purchased a traditional book and while I thought I would miss it like crazy I just haven’t. I absolutely love reading books on my iPad! So, we got out of there without spending any money. I did add a few books to my wishlist though!

After browsing the books we went to Lowe’s for some house items and then World Market where we struck out and left with nothing. I hate that. When I go shopping I like to buy things – not walk in and walk out empty handed. That’s no fun at all.

Before heading to pick up the girls we stopped for some coffee at Summermoon as a surprise for them. They were thrilled!

It’s been a low key evening before Tommy goes back to school, Ali goes back to work and I go back to job hunting tomorrow. I threw together some quick dinner of leftovers for everyone. I ended up with two pieces of cheese pizza & a nice salad for my portion of dinner. Not too shabby!


Leftovers can be very yummy!

We are off to watch a documentary I recorded from the National Geographic Channel about 9/11. My thoughts go out to all of the family members who lost their family members that day. We say it often but we truly mean it – We will never forget.

Food totals for today from SparkPeople Log

Todays totals:
Calories consumed – 1309
Calories burned – 0
Exercise minutes – 0


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2 Responses to Time together

  1. Kira Wood says:

    This is FUN! Another blog to read! First, that omelet looks as gross as you described it tasted. :/ I love that you’re taking pictures, though. It’s now a habit to take a picture of every bite before it goes into my mouth. Looking back at them really does help! Keeps you aware.

    I love the name “Summermoon”. And yes, the ‘wood’ does indeed make it good 😉

    Looking forward to picking up awesome tips from my older and wiser cousin 😀

    Love you, and happy blogging!

    P.S. Tommy at school and Alexis at work? Isn’t that backwards?? :hmm:

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