Hi Hi! First Post!

Hey there, hi there, ho there!  I’m Nicole and this is my new blog.

I’ve been reading quite a few healthy living blogs lately and I’ve completely fallen in love with them.  My favorites are those that incorporate healthy food into equally active lifestyles! I got bit by the bug to also share my journey into healthy living and document my adventures as I lose 100 lbs.

I’m hoping that this blog will act as my accountability and I’ll find like-minded friends who also want to share this journey with me.

10 important things about me:

  • I’m 36
  • I’m the mother of one amazingly wonderful 16 year old girl & 2 awesome fur babies
  • I’m very lucky to be married to an amazingly handsome husband
  • I love eating healthy but seem to have trouble with portion sizes
  • I WILL lose 100 lbs.
  • I want to be more active but am currently suffering from living with with plantar fascitis
  • I love to scrapbook
  • I end to call myself a “pop culture diva” since I love all things pop culture.  It’s not a fib when I tell you that was my minor in college.  No, seriously.
  • I love food but am retraining myself to redirect some of that love to other things. It is possible to love too much. Oy.
  • I Have a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it!

So glad you are here and I hope you stay. 🙂


About Nicole2112

A 30-something girl with a goal in mind and a plan to achieve it. Loves: movies, pop culture and her family!
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3 Responses to Hi Hi! First Post!

  1. Deana Robinson says:

    I believe in you, girl! You can do it!

  2. Candi says:

    Yay! I will try to read! Please link posts from twitter, because I’m so not a blog reader anymore!

  3. Amanda says:

    i can’t wait to watch your progress and maybe we can keep each other accountable!! xoxo

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